Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Mestiza Complete Herbal Soap

Hi sweeties don't you just love the heat? :) Wait haha, who am I kidding? Summer is fast approaching and the scorching heat is already killing meh~ Today I will review Mestiza, a soap raved by Donna of My Lucid Intervals this review made me buy the soap. Hoho~

Okay so this is the soap box. Kindly click if you would like to read the details :)

Mestiza Herbal Soap is quite intriguing because of its contents: Papaya, Carrot, Banana, Calamansi and Virgin Coconut Oil. Only the good!

It's like a complete package already as it claims to do more than whitening our skin. This soap is unscented which is super fine with me. It helped me lessen my breakouts (take note the word 'lessen'). Using this soap  made me feel squeaky clean. It made my skin a bit dry, but nothing a moisturizer and lotion can't fix though! *winks*

Mestiza soap however didn't whiten my skin. Maybe it will take a few more bars. I have the feeling that it does whiten and effects will be gradual as long as you use the soap.

How much?

Less than P50 (can't remember the exact price) for 120 grams of product. It is worth it, plus the soap doesn't melt easily!

Will I repurchase?

I already have a long list of soaps I want to try so repurchasing this might take a long time but I might opt for Mestiza Herbal Soap once I feel the need for a safe herbal bath soap.


  1. i've been using the soap for 8 months and ng-light po tlg ung color ko...althoug di mabilisan atleast effective po tlga at di nakaka-dry ng skin

  2. hiyang na hiyang sya sa akin thats why i sale this to my friend ...

    1. SALE? Like 50% sale discount? hindi ba SeLL, like you sell it to your friend...?

  3. There are people in India who use only herbal products and trust only these products for their skin and health.ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure


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