Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Sunday Beauty Haul

I just recently planned a trip to Landmark with my special boy friend. Okay noticed how the words are separated. Haha :)

You know I am into Watsons because it's so accessible but there's just a lot of cool finds in Landmark! I also dropped by HBC, Hortaleza and Saizen to grab a few items. I haven't gone out much since the end of school semester and a change in daily routine felt good. We spent most our time walking between shelves, I so love shopping! Check out my recent haul below which includes almost everything I have in my shopping list.

Quick review/ first impressions for the products I bought:
  1. Tresemme Smooth and Shine Conditioner -Runny conditioner compared to Creamsilk. Smells nice. I bought this to partner my shampoo.
  2. Tresemme Smooth and Shine Shampoo -A repurchase. I love how it tames my frizzy hair. Smells nice too just like it's conditioner counterpart.
  3. Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream -This is in 10.0: Bleaching cream! Impulse buy, I'm yet to use this and I really don't know when. -.-'')
  4. Mondes Low-Ammonia Hair Coloring Cream -11/N Super Platinum Natural Blonde. Don't freak out, it usually results to brown. This is another impulse buy, but I have used it already. Ekk~ hair disaster. Please watch out for my full review.
  5. Hortaleza Professional Oxidizing Lotion -Both of the HBC and Hortaleza shops I've been into has no stock of 12% oxidizing lotion. I don't know if it was normal? Or was it intended to make people buy the 9% oxidizing lotions? Just my wild thoughts. Haha :)
  6. Monea C.P.R. Hair Revitalizing Spray -Smells nice but I hate the spray bottle because it leaks when it's not in upright position. I'm yet to test it as well.
  7. Daiso Natural Nose Pack -I love the new packaging they were thoughtful enough to add english instructions. My sister loves this, she was too excited and used the pack twice in a row.
  8. Collagen Soap -It was fascinating to see a bluish black collagen soap because what I use is transparent.
  9. Travel size Powder Jar -I need a small jar for my Palgantong powder since I can't always bring the whole thing wherever I go since it's big.
  10. Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil -Another repurchase! I love this oil.
  11. Eyeliner Brush -For tight lining and winged liners.
  12. Konjac Cleansing Sponge -A raved sponge by eonnie of Askmewhats if I'm not mistaken. I was looking for a good facial scrub so I decided to get one. This is the smallest size I've seen in Landmark, and the cheapest too.
  13. Hortaleza Professional Henna Wax Hair Treatment -(not in the picture) smells like minty herbal. If there is such word, hahaha :) Tried it because the saleslady said that this is the variant for chemically-treated hair. My hair feels a lot softer after a single wash, I'm impressed.
 A beauty haul means more reviews! Hope to take away my shyness to post an FOTD. I'm trying my best to learn but I'd be honest, I am still not good in using make-up. See you in my next post!

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