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Nine Muses Amazes with Dolls

Nine Muses is a kpop girl group debuted last August 2010 but hasn't received too much attention. People say that maybe this is due to the fact that they have the same number of members like SNSD/ Girls Generation. They were almost always being compared and was even called copy cats because of the blocking, ending pose and costumes.

However while surfing youtube the other night I came across their practice video of Dolls. I never heard nor read about Dolls before but I clicked in and watched:

Dolls gathered buzz because of it was super awesome! It's one of the top searches for Nine Muses in Google. I was really amazed by the choreography and the way they move for the blockings. What Pop in Seouls says about Dolls:
This is the title track of Nine Muses' single album of the same name. It's a dance song with the sounds of brass instruments and guitar, and their improved vocals and rap stand out. It's about a woman, who tries to comfort herself by explaining why she feels the way she does after a breakup.

The members of Nine Muses are not just pretty but also tall! This is no surprise because unlike other kpop groups, Nine Muses is formed by former models.

 From L-R Leesam, Kyungri, Minha, Eunji, Sera, Hyuna, Hyemi, Sung ah, Erin

They are all so pretty and their group name suits them perfectly. I am so into 'Dolls' right now and I love the song. I appreciate that the songs of Nine Muses has not much of auto tune in it. I am not saying that auto tune is bad, but hearing the actual voice of the idols is something I prefer. We can't say that their every member is a good dancer but together as a group they perform so well. They offer fresh music to my ears, I always see gems in under rated idols, I like them better than famous kpop groups because they tend to work harder. Everything was just so perfect even in the music video:

I can say that Minha is my bias but I like other members too especially Hyuna and Kyungri. I am not sure who is the tallest member but they said that Sera is the shortest. I watched a few live performance, it is not as powerful as their practice video but I like it just the same.

Once in an interview Nine Muses said that they have more female fans than male fans. They said they will be working harder so male fans can confidently say that they like them. I remember seeing a documentary on the hardships of being an idol and Nine Muses was in it. I believe they deserve the much needed affection from fans now. Oh I can't count how many idols are under rated nowadays. *sigh* But Nine Muses with all their perseverance should go a long way. Hooray!~

Here is the lyrics to Dolls, I am having Last Song Syndrome! (LSS)


by Nine Muses

[Hyuna] Kkok aniragoneun mareul motagesseo
Neo gabeorin huro mami heohaejyeoseo,
[Sungah] Simjangeun meojeogago, nae sumeun jugeoga
Maeil nunmuri chajaseo tto chueoge meokhyeoseo
[Minha] Nan deouk deouk deouk
Itorok apa maeil maeil maeil
[Sera] Miwodo mojaraltende
Neol tataedo doeneunde haruga meolge geuriwohae neol

[Kyungri] Sarangi mworago, geuge da mworago
Jjitgineun maeummajeodo sojunghage hae.
[Hyemi] Sigani jinamyeon, modeun ge ichyeojindanda
Maeil wiroreul hamyeonseo na nan miryeonhage

[Leesem] Oeroi ssawoganeun nae sigan sogeseo
Nareul jogeumssik chajaga neol harussik jiwoga.
[Minha] Neon na nago, na yeoksi neo neo neoyeotda
[Hyuna] Wiheomhan mamiyeonnabwa.
Geuge jalmotdwaennabwa
Arado maebeon geureojanha nan

[Sera] Sarangi geureochi, geuge da geureochi
Neoege badeunmankeum da dollyeojuneun geot,
[Kyungri] Geuttaedo geuraetdeut, apeumdo jamkkaniranda
Manhi haengbokhaesseosseuni na nan

[Euaerin] Na ajikdo babogachi, harudo ppajimeobsi, neol tto saenggakhae,
Haruedo subaekbeonssik na apa naesaek motangeol algoneun isseulgeol,
You remember? I was you’re girl now i’m a lonely girl
[Eunji] Ichyeojyeoseo duryeowojindaneunge
Deo himdeulge naran yeojal ullige mandeulge haneunde yeah!!
Idaero heulleoganeunge, neol ijeobeorineunge, nareul mot gyeondige hae.
I don’t know what to say.

[All] Sarangi mworago, geuge da mworago
Jjitgineun maeummajeodo sojunghagehae.
Sigani jinamyeon, modeunge ichyeojindanda
Maeil wiroreul hamyeonseo na nan miryeonhage

I would love to hear more of songs like Dolls, Nine Muses is a very promising kpop group. Do check them out! That's it for now, see you in my post!

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