Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Purebeauty CC Cream

Purebeauty CC Cream Review

Yay I'm a busy bee, I've just finished a week load of work. I am not sure if anyone would need this piece of advice at this time but always remember to 'never let anyone put you down!' :)
By the way I received a mail filled with goodies last Saturday. I will make a separate post and review soon!

I am always late teehee but I've just noticed that Purebeauty is already back in the shelves of Watsons. I got myself a tube after I've missed my old makeup routine.

Purebeauty CC Cream says:
Pure Beauty Complexion Corrector
Pink flower complex
SPF30 PA++ Ivory

What is it?
CC Cream is basically an advanced version of BB creams. CC stands for Color correction cream or for this Purebeauty product, its complexion corrector.

Hands down... It's pink! A plain pink tube with a silver screw type cap.

The cream has this distinct flowery scent which I really love! It is quite runny and at first you won't notice, but upon spreading the product you will notice that it is filled with sparkles! Not something I adore. Boohoo~ I don't notice strange stares even though I've used this during mornings, hmmm maybe it's not so weird after all?
The color is quite grayish as well, different from my yellow toned skin. You will only need a pea size of the product because it is smooth and really spreadable.

The coverage is very light and so it is not hard to remove. But I bought this to replace my bb creams, thinking that this is their advance version and CC cream has better properties. Wrong. Purebeauty CC Cream lacks coverage, I still need a concealer. Not for the days I'm in a hurry.

This has SPF30 PA++ which is perfect for sun protection. My recent sunblock is only SPF20 so this good. It doubles up the number. Teehee. Downside is this is not for those flash picture moments. You will get not-so-attractive shots as it will show white cast because of the SPF content. Yikes. I remember using it in a kpop event not long time ago, imagine those horror shots. There was a lot, even from those who approached our cover group to take a picture with them. *rolls on the floor*

How much and where to buy? 
PHP299 (promo price)/ 40ml exclusive in Watsons nationwide. Now I guess the regular price is Php 399?

What I love? 

  • The scent
  • Easy to spread
  • SPF 30 PA ++ I lurrve sunblocks~

What I don't?

  • The sparkles
  • The coverage is so-so.
  • White cast on flash photography
Best applied with clean finger tips

Will I repurchase? 
Nope, I am not losing my hopes on cc creams but I will venture on other brands. They might offer better coverage.

I think at this point I can say BB creams is still better than CC creams. Can you suggest your favorite BB or CC cream I should try next to Purebeauty CC Cream? Please share!



  1. Hanapin ko nga yan :) hehe

  2. Yeah i bought this cc cream at Watson last week, it has a light coverage and not much heavy on face what i don't like is the sparkles glittering something lol, but in all fairness its still quiet good on face so I'm going to consume this first bottle and maybe i would try another brand of cc cream..

  3. High coverage po talaga pag BB Cream but its a no no fof oily skin...

  4. IN2IT aqua bb cream. I have an acne prone type of skin but this bb cream didnt even break me out. I had my third tube of IN2IT aqua bb cream already :)


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