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Review: Bobbie Cosmetics Dare to Bare Face Powder

Sweeties its about the time of the year again. Malls are all jam-packed. The season is so timely for a MOA Saturday date. This post is quite late though.

Sweet boyfie is really supportive in not letting me drop by in Watsons hahahaha. Oh well he knows very well that we will spend an hour or so browsing new products. I rarely visit beauty shops now so is my only chance! Teehee sorry.

I found Bobbie Cosmetics, it is a new cosmetic brand for me. The sales lady mentioned that Bobbie Cosmetics is from the same company who makes Bobbie and Chic nail polishes. Oooh interesting~
The prices of their products is really affordable. I think their target market are students. But not too bad for girls in a budget as well. Nothing over P200.

If my memory serves me right, this are the prices:
2 way foundation with case- P 199
2 way foundation refill - P90
Pressed Powder with case- P115
Pressed Powder Refill - P55
Blush - P90
Eyeshadow Palette - P150
Lipsticks - P85
Lip tints - P80

For testing purposes I bought Bobbie Cosmetic Dare to Bare Face Powder refill in sheer. I remember seeing at least three shades for both face powder and 2-way foundation. I don't really mind getting the powder with the case, I mean hello its pink! It is not just pink, its metallic pink! <3 Ooh +1 for that. But I don't want to waste the case if the powder does not work on me so I settled for the refill. Really economic.

Bobbie Cosmetics Dare to Bare duo powder (2 way foundation) is offered in 3 shades just like the face powder. I noticed the amount of product is less compared to the face powder.

What is it?
Basically a face powder, perfect for touch ups or on top of liquid foundations. I am not a fan of 2 way foundations because it feels heavy on my skin. See product description below:

The not-so-good news is that it contains paraben.

Ooops this is a refill. I must say though that their shade selection is quite limited. The lightest shade they offer is far from the other face powder shade I was using.

My aim is to find a new face powder with effects comparable to my past face powder. I tried Bobbie Cosmetics face powder alone and it gave me a smooth flawless finish. But because shade is not as light like I've mentioned it did not gave me the brightening skin effect. I also tried this on top of my moisturizer and bb cream combo. It was good, same look when I used it alone.
I must say it is good for touch ups. It absorbs oil and finish is matte. I tried using Bobbie Dare to Bare Face Powder with kabuki brush but the free sponge does so much better. It delivers light to medium finish. I apply it with a pat-pat motion so I can adjust the coverage easily.

How much and where to buy?
Php 55 for the 12g refill

What I love
Blurs out pores, talk about flawless finish!
Doesn't break me out
Light to medium coverage
The free sponge <3

What I don't
Powdery that is why product is consumed faster
Not accessible; not all Watsons outlet carry this brand


  • Use sponge for medium and kabuki brush for lighter coverage
  • Use moisturizer even when you plan on using it alone to serve as the makeup base; it may highlight dry patches just like any other powder
  • Pat-pat motion to adjust coverage easily

Will I repurchase?
Yes sure! Next time with the lovely pink case.

A decent face powder far from the powders of the same price. Definitely buying the tint and eyeshadow next!~

I want to share snapshots from this Saturday date!
Couple Ice cream!
~ <3

Melody parade which screams, oh its Christmas!

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