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Review: Biofitea Herbal Dietary Tea

Biofitea Herbal Dietary Tea Review 

Review: Biofitea Herbal Dietary Tea

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the long hiatus. Internet connection is very slow since the holidays. I am thinking of changing ISP soon, thinking about Wi-tribe (4g connection), PLDT My DSL and Globe Wimax LTE. I currently use Sun Broadband and seriously I don't know if our place is congested with users or is the connection just plain slow. Anyway let us get on to my review today, just recently I have looked for a short cut to flat tummy. There is no way you can fake a flat tummy in reality unless you do photoshop (only in pictures!) so I was confused. I only have 2 weeks in preparation before our group's "big day". We need to wear our costume again which requires, tentetenenen - showing of tummies. I was doomed!

Photo not mine, credits to Newskorea

Exercise won't be enough so I scoured Mercury Drug for slimming teas and I found Biofitea! I have high hopes that it will work. Caution now that this is a slimming tea and review is about a laxative product. Okay, so after using for 2 weeks now, did it work? Read on to find out~

What it is?
"BioFitea is made from first class Senna herb carefully processed to comply with the meticulous international standards of herbal tea preparation. No chemical solution added."
It is a slimming tea which is 'laxative'.
Laxatives (purgatives, aperients) are substances that loosen stools and increase bowel movements. They are used to treat and prevent constipation. Laxatives vary based on how they work and the side effects they have. -Wikipedia

I read on and found that prolonged use is not recommended. Pls see this link before trying this out.

I can buy this is single sachets, and also in one box with 10 sachets. Complete with all the indications, directions etc

I carefully thought of on how I will use Biofitea. I don't want to be 'doing it' just anywhere. Remember that this is laxative. I have decided to drink it once a day preferably night time after meal. Regular bowel movements every morning, check. However I feel uncomfortable even when I am outside which is such a hassle because before, I am always on-the-go doing sales call and focusing on computer related tasks. I tried to stick to my plan and with an extra effort of exercise everyday, I had my routine going for 2 weeks.

As for the taste of Biofitea, there is absolutely no complains with it. I usually drink this cold, I am not a fan of hot drinks unless its coffee or hot chocolate. It taste like a popular iced tea available in the market today. I was actually expecting that it will have weird taste because its herbal, glad that I was wrong. Little by little I noticed difference and soon enough my old shorts are fit once more.

How much and where to buy?
I bought mine from Mercury Drug Store but Watsons also have this available. If my memory serves me right its only P5/ sachet.

What I love

  • Lessen tummy fats
  • stimulates weight loss
  • Detoxifies body
  • Ease digestion 
  • Can reduce constipation
  • Taste good
  • Affordable
  • Accessible product

What I don't

  • Not for prolong use
  • The Abdominal discomfort

Drink before night time
Limit usage of 2 weeks or so

Will I repurchase?
Yes but maybe only after a month.

Biofitea is an effective herbal dietary tea. Especially when used with an added exercise which makes the effect appear faster IMO. I was able to show up my tummy after the 2 weeks, can you believe that? Not much flab appeared but my tummy is not really 'flat' but there is no magic secret to success. Hoho, with the right diet and exercise, who knows?
How about you lovelies, do you have a routine you follow for a flat tummy? Share on below, I would love to read your comments!

No before pictures sorry but here is one of the photo after:
A picture with one of the attendees of Kfest Collab event

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  1. I want to try too! :)

  2. What do u mean u said 'stomach discomfort'?

    1. Masakit po sa tiyan tuwing madaling araw. Sometimes kumakain ka bigla sasakit tiyan mo. Pero kapag kaka start mo pa lang yan. After few days di na sasakit. Every morning nlng po diretso ka sa CR. *you know hehe

    2. Kahit nasa labas sis ma-feel mo you would like to go to the restroom. Ganun sya. So I recommend take it when you think you are mostly in the office or at home lang. Not when you are our for field work etc.

  3. In a study at the University of Scranton, they say that coffee is the United States largest sources of antioxidants. The study says Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source.

  4. Sa 2 weeks nyo pong na try everyday nyo po bang iniinom?

  5. Guys..since i was young hirap n aq s bowel mov.nakilala q ang biofitea 2016...till now iniinum q xa regularly.plss reply me as soon as posble.naka depend n ang buhay q s biofitea.what should i do.?

    1. ok lng yan as long as you dont feel anything wrong as far as your health is concern. It is herbal tea so I dont find it wrong to use everyday. Try to escape sometimes a day or two kpg wala n constipation..then drink again kpg andun p rin constipation as long as walang side effect na iba sa health mo.

    2. I suggest you consult your doctor about it. Because it's laxative, you're not supposed to have it for prolonged use. As the label suggest only 2 weeks. Pero base sa sinabi mo na since 2016 ka pa dependent sa biofitea mas maigi talaga lumapit sa doctor baka kasi akala mo wala lang effects pero in the long run it's too late na pala. You might have ailments that could have been prevented.

    3. nice tlga ang biofitea ramdam mo magaan sa tiyan

    4. you better consult a doctor. sabi nga nya, prolonged use is not recommended.

  6. Ok lang po bang morning ito inumin ??

  7. Oolong Tea comes with many health benefits ranging from life-affirming to life saving. Studies show that green tea is helpful in the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart problems, cardiovascular diseases,

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  9. ok lng b pg umiinum aq ng contraceptive pills tas inum aq
    biofitea db mwwla bisa ng pills

  10. Pwede ka po ba mag take nito everyday kahit wala ka hanong kinain??


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