Monday, March 16, 2015

Girl's Day Minah Debuts Solo: I am a Woman Too

CREDITS: to owner/ k2nblog/ pic not mine

This is it finally the day, baby Minah is now a woman! Finally Dream Tea entertainment lets Girl's Day's Bang Minah get the spotlight as she gives her best in her new song: I am a Woman Too.

She looks stunning as always and she makes her appearance in the streets for her first showcase. Like bfunfmgpowmg. Hands down with or without backup voice she is awesome. Kudos to the dance steps I cannot commend her more, totally lovely.

I'll keep this post short, just peeping to say hi and share good music. This is a must watch grown up Minah kpop music video. Spread the love love love eonnie Sojin must be really proud of Bby~ <3

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