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Just Me: Korean Restaurant Daewang's Samgyupsal

For today I will be sharing a nice place me and Chu (boyfie) found around the Quezon City area: Daewang Korean Restaurant. I have worn a really nice dress you can find on the next photos below.

Grills and octopus, haha :)
I am eager to try korean cuisine (well you know I love korean stuffs) but I kinda find the time limit of other k-restos hassle and expensive (we don't eat much but we don't like time limits while eating, mianhe). At Daewang you are asked to pay only P300 for unli pork belly with no time limits or anything! Even the side dishes are also unlimited. Bang for the buck!

Now this is what we call the kpop food mehehe, Samgyupsal or Korean Pork Belly is supposed to be grilled then wrapped in lettuce leaf along with other ingredients before eating. See a guide below on how to properly wrap a korean pork belly. It is supposed to be eaten in one go and then you can drink soju after. I don't drink alcohol so yeah, water will do.

Kate N.G. Sommers / Heavy Table
Too bad that I was too late to search for this. Because when we went to Daewang we are totally clueless on what to do. It was past lunch time when we arrived and there was no one there. (No one to copy hahaha)

Look at all that pork! <3
Daewang Restaurant offers buffet style for the appetizers/ side dishes. You can refill them again and agaaain~

We were served miso soup and the pork. Then we filled our plates with appetizers. They even have macaroni!

Round Number 1
Round Number 2! 

I like the sweet nuts, it was my dessert. Then the chili dilis (I don't know how they call it). The japchae is good as well and then the omelet~ (sorry for not knowing the korean terms for this fuu~)
That is me
At first we didn't know we should cut the pork before we cook it. And we also didn't used the seasoning and cooking oil given. hahaha. Okay we really are first timers. But afterwards we are indeed cookin! Lookie at out porkie on the grill! Yuuum~
Grilled Pork!

Wrapped in lettuce
Trying my best to wrap my pork in lettuce hoho~
thank you for the shot, chuu~

Just me!
No pics are all me. Chu doesn't like his pics to be posted, huehue~ 
FAST FORWARD: So we finished 3 plates of pork before we raised the white flag because we are already full. Staffs of Daewang restaurant are nice and accommodating. They refill our pork with no questions asked. I asked them when is the peak hours of the restaurant and they said its dinner time. Take note that we went on a Saturday, around 1pm or so. Several other groups came around 4:30 pm. If you would like to try Daewang Restaurant's unli samgyupsal and you would like to get around the crowd of people then you can come around lunch time.

One thing I noticed is that with the first plate we were served bacon like pork, thin and easy to cook strips but the 2nd plate of pork was sliced bigger then the 3rd plate is already of the same size of pork chop! Loool~ 

I was not able to see the freedom wall posted in one of the reviews I found before. *sad*

* * *
Daewang Korean Restaurant
Vargas Bldg., 103 Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila
I have found this helpful guide on the price list of Daewang Korean Restaurant.

Daewang Restaurant is located near Quezon City Circle. If commuting, from SM North ride a jeepney bound to 'Quezon City Hall' then asked manong to drop you at 'Housing'. It is next to Quezon City Circle. From there ride a jeepney going to Cubao. You can see Daewang Restaurant at your right. It is just around 5minutes away, make sure you won't miss the P300 eat all you can signage. :)

Pictorial after pigging out in Daewang and the red eat all you can signage
Love love love my floral dress, really comfy!  
Korean Restaurant Daewang is a big thumbs up! This is a good experience for kpop/korean lovers who just want to try samgyupsal just like in the kdramas. Awesome korean restaurant for foodies ina budget. We are definitely coming back! <3 
(Might as well try unli beef or chicken in our next visit)

If there are any korean/ asian restaurant you recommend comment them below! :)

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