Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Vitapack Whitening Soap

Is summer ending already? Its rained hard today and somehow I feel gloomy. (o_o??) I also feel like I miss dancing err~ maybe I am just a lil worn out. Anyway here is something I have been loving a lot lately, its a product from Vitapack.                                 

Vitapack Whitening Soap
I've received the soap prior to our summer get away in Cavite. I have made sure to reapply sunblock during our swimming but I still got sunburn on my right shoulder.

What is it?
VITAPACK Whitening Soap is the first 8-in-1 whitening soap with eight skin care benefits in just one bar. Our unique combination all Clairju (Japan), VB9 Plus (Korea), Glutathione (Japan) and Argan Oil results in intensive whitening and brightening, and renews and rejuvenates skin for a deeply beautiful glow.

A whitening soap with 8 claims to be: Whitening, Moisturizing, Antibacterial, Brightening, Clarifying, Anti-aging, exfoliating, smoothening.

Box is pretty classy in pink. (Ooh~ I really like the shades of pink beauty products use for their packaging nowadays) It also have this silver and white letters, well thought packaging *nods*.

The first thing I noticed is the round shape of the soap. Its very very easy to hold when I take a bath.
The soap is floral scented and I like it, too bad because it doesn't linger long on my skin T-T. The scent is faint, how I wish it stays on longer. :<

I have been using the Vitapack soap for around 3 weeks now and I have noticed that it melts quite fast. I think it can only last for another week or so on me.  Anyway this is not a biggie, I am thinking that this might be my mistake because I have this habit of holding the soap while taking a bath. It doesn't help that the soap is soooo easy to hold. Haha. :)

Next time I will be cutting the soap into four (in attempt to be more economical). I don't see significant effect in terms of whitening but I used sea salt scrub and I was able to get rid of a lot my dead skin cells. In just a matter of a week. There is no sting sensation, no peeling and no dryness. But when I scrubbed I was able to slough dead skin cells. How cool is that? Usually with my other soaps I needed to endure dry skin and stings.

I honestly really really like Vitapack soap. Its over my budget for body, might work great for minimal use, maybe I can make this as my facial soap. I'm yet to try! I cannot attest yet to the whitening effect as I have only tried one bar, but this is really promising as the ingredients are not drying yet it gives exfoliating glowing effect.

How much and where to buy?
It retails at P259 per 90g. of soap.

What I love

  • Lathers quite well (I certainly love soaps that lathers well)
  • Round shape means easy grip!
  • Fresh floral scent
  • Exfoliates but doesn't dry
  • Glowing skin
  • Got rid of sunburn in just a week
  • Mild and perfect for sensitive skin

What I don't

  • It melts easily
  • Scent doesn't last long
  • Quite expensive for a body soap

Cut soap into four to make it last longer!

Will I repurchase?
I got this as a freebie and I think I'll be buying soon!

Vitapack Whitening Soap is great as a body soap if you have the budget. Hopefully after cutting it to four it will last longer on me. I recommend this to girls like me who are sensitive to very harsh whitening soaps. This is saving us from all the guilt we get from using too much drying products just to whiten our skin. This is the only non-drying whitening I've used and I am impressed. :)

This is taken just now, no more peeling and my skin is slowly coming back to its normal color..

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