Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Things I Found Out this Week

1. I can make my own Facial Mask at Home!
While I was in Trinoma I found Facial Mask in Compressed Type! I am not a big fan of sheet facial masks because of the steep price, but if with compressed type masks I can make my own sheet mask! It’s like dry facial mask compressed into round pieces. You just soak it in skin tone or facial emulsion and hooray! Instant sheet mask, it’s great for travel too. :)

2. Its better to use Facial Sponge when washing my face
Last time I've just admitted loving makeup remover from Etude House, but that is not all. For beautiful healthy skin I also started using facial sponge! This product can create rich creamy foam to make face cleansing stronger and more fun! It also doubles up as a scrub too.

3. I can get paid by shopping!

I was browsing online and I found out that Zalora carries mesh one piece swimsuits! I have been looking for that since the start of the summer. Oh well I know its too late now, meep meep~ but I might still be able to use it some time this year because I want to go to Boracay.

Anyway last night as I was browsing I found out that there is a cashback website named ShopBack wherein we can get cashback and voucher codes when we shop online. How cool was that? I was surprised because even Sephora is included in their list. Whoa~

Create your own account with Shopback.

4. Bench has updated their Beauty Line
I don't know how long I was hiding in my bat cave but Bench has a lot of those cute chubby sticks which are tinted balm, lip crayon.

5. I can use crepe paper to DIY Color my hair
This has been trending in facebook lately, do it yourself hair color using crepe paper! I am yet to try this because of work but hey this is cool!


The world looks like a picture in high blur with my normal eyes. I’ve been struggling with dry lenses lately so I brought my glasses with me. I hope in the future I can do lasik or something


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