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How to Dye Brown Hair Blonde at Home Part 1

Going blonde is something I thought I would never do! But what they say is true, people change. Originally I would be contented with lifting my hair color by a shade or two with just using blonde hair colors. Without the bleach any blonde shade will only result into brown. I've been a brown head all my life since the 2013 (?) I know most of the gals here are scared to try something new and I know the feeling.

In the Philippines bright hair colors can be an issue. First we are bound by the rules of the school and then the rules of your work place after, its never ending rules really. Hair color says so much about yourself. When a girl's life changes or if there is something that really triggers our emotion, the hair can be our best bet to showcase those feelings. Its like shouting out to the world what you really feel and all. Hair color can boost our confidence and see everything in a different light. Hair is not just a crowning glory, its the best way to express ourselves. <3

Okay so for today it will not be an ordinary review product post, I'd be sharing how to dye brown hair blonde at home with you guys. Yes I was so scared that people at home and at work may not accept this color but alas, when will I do this? When I am 40 yrs old already? Sabi nga sa kanta (Just like what the song says) '...and live while we're young!'

First and foremost, this is what you need to make it possible:
  • Bleaching Powder 
  • Oxidizing Lotion
  • Hair Color Cream
  • Hair Spa and/or Hair Conditioner (lots of them!)
  • Hair leave on, VCO, sunflower hair oils etc (choose one that can tame your tresses & buy it)
  • Patience (you'll need several process done)
  • Will to live (to endure the pain)
  • Friends (to help you in every step of the way!)

Do not believe sales staff especially if they didn't try bleaching their hair yet! Lol. So okay I don't generalize but most of them doesn't know what tips to give to their clients. The best teacher in life is experience. That is why I seek the help of my loving friends on this. Bleaching hair is their life (okay I was exaggerating right there).

I bought my stuff at Trinoma Landmark. They have vast selection of bleaching powder, oxidizing lotion & conditioner.

Rading Landmark Trinoma for the right products, buying more oxidizing lotion
Bagay ba to sakin? (Does this suit me?)
Choosing between Pixxel's ashy hair color shades

First Try

At my friend's house: Chilling out before coloring my hair. Taray may moral support ang mga lola mo! (Trans: My friends offer moral support!)
She thinks the products bought were not enough, was she correct about this?
My hair before bleaching
My black roots are very visible and it hasn't been long since I've colored my hair with Palty, remember this post? My hair is very brassy with all of the coloring I've done and I will soon be welcoming more brass after bleaching.

Here we go with the process. My friend mixed the bleaching powder and oxidizing lotion. I used 9% volume instead of 12%. A quick hair history: I always color my hair with Hortaleza Blonde color dyes and then 'Red' but it was not allowed at my work before and I ended up coloring it black a day after. I had a hard time in changing it to brown so I bleached it. Before I didn't know how to dye brown hair blonde at home properly so the end result is patchy colors and I ended up with brittle dry hair.

I believe the lower part of my hair is still part of this hair history (lol). I can't say that my hair is better now, that is why I am trying to bleach it because I think there is nothing to lose already!

TIP: Chop off an inch or two from your hair ends to get rid of dry hair splits.
Sectioning & bleach application

TADAAAH~ Processed bleached hair!
Was it a success? Okay so this was titled Part 1 for a reason. My good friend Hammie is right, 1 bleaching powder sachet and 2 small oxidizing lotion bottles are not enough. I should not have listened to the sales staff and just proceeded with buying what I think is enough for my thick hair.

I would need to continue how to dye brown hair blonde at home post next time. Yay. I actually moved to another friend's house, and he has a big bottle of oxidizing lotion and a big tub of bleaching powder!

For now here is an ending photo for this post, me and Joy while we were shopping for the hair products.

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