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Review: Chin Chun Su Facial Cream

Ola Patola beautiful girls of the world~ (greetings courtesy of my beautiful friend Tin)
I've been on a short hiatus again, I've been too focused with work yet due to recent client bookings.
Anyhow, as mentioned in my old posts I am looking for a whitening cream which can lighten my face. My face is a bit darker compared to my body, I blame it perhaps for not wearing sunscreen everyday. I am quite confuse on how to lighten my face without very harsh chemicals. Kojic soaps are too much for me and gives me comedones. Other facial creams on the other hand are well, doesn't give me anything more than moisture.

My mom would often tell me that Chin Chun Su Facial Cream is the secret beauty cream of nanays (mothers) before. I tried it once and I felt its too heavy, so since my skincare regimen now is quite drying I thought of giving Chin Chun Su another chance.

What is it?
Chin chun su facial cream is an all around non- irritant, powerful clearing and lightening facial cream, perfect for use on any external dark spots of your body such as the bikini area, armpit, nipple and knees. 
It is an excellent age defying cream against acne, age spots, dark spots, pimples, sun spots and wrinkle spots, thus making you look younger than your true age. Its very powerful clearing facial spots essence helps the body cure itself of skin problems caused by mother nature, time and environmental aggressors. 
This product is original and authentic, moisturize and prevents dry skin, can be used as a make up foundation, can be used all over your external body to remove blemishes and dark spots, can be used by young and old alike.

Ingredients: Pearl powder, Talc, Petrolatum, Vitamin A,  Vitamin E,  Titanium Dioxide, Sulfur, Salicylic acid

How to use:
Wash face with warm water and mild soap before application. For best results, apply 2-3 times a day, morning, afternoon and bedtime. With your fingertips, get a small amount of cream and spread gently on face in an upward stroke. Rub well into the skin before it disappears. Apply more and frequently on blemishes, on the neck and also as a make up base for cosmetics. This cream can be worn day and night to help dry out pimples and make your skin smooth.

Small pink oval plastic packaging makes it travel friendly. It only contains 10g

A bit rundown on the ingredients of Chin Chun Su. The list of the ingredients seems all good if you look at it.
Salicylic acid most skincare products contain this and used to exfoliate skin and to get rid of acne
Sulfur kill acne bacteria and is one of the most popular treatment for acne, also gives the distinct scent of the product
Titanium dioxide protects the skin from harmful UV lights
Pearl powder is said to beautify and lighten skin 
Talc said to soothe irritated skin
Petrolatum topical ointment with skin healing properties
Vitamin A also called retinol is widely used as anti-acne and anti-aging agent
Vitamin E is proven to neutralize free radicals and to quell dryness

Well I have tried this before but I was not able to use it everyday. I am giving the cream another chance, but first thing first. Chin Chun Su facial cream will make your skin oily, unless you stay in an air conditioned room. At the first few days I thought there was no reaction to my skin, but on my 5th day of usage, I broke out. They say this is the purging stage and its normal. However some acne were big and red. It hurts and its quite depressing to see my face having a bad breakout. Since it was recommended to be applied 2-3 times a day I tried it also at night. I like how I wake up into a glowing look but yet again, pimples still appeared a day shortly after that.

I used it for almost a month and even finished about 2 pots and a half. Yes I finally gave up. I hoped that it will at least lighten the marks the breakout left but, its not happening. To each his own I guess.

CAUTION!When used for the first two weeks, more pimple will appear than before. This is a physiological reaction. The cream can get through the surface of the skin and clear up all the dirt in the skin. Do not stop using the product and the pimples will gradually disappear, this will make your skin smooth again. Those that are sensitive to the cream have red swell or itchiness on the face, don't be afraid. Temporarily stop using the cream and instead use egg white for 2 days after which, continue to use the cream.

How much and where to buy? 
Its P16.60 for 10g pot

What I love 
  • Affordable
  • Can be worn as makeup base
  • Glowing look the next morning if used as night cream
What I don't
  • Makes me oily
  • Broke me out
  • Did not lighten marks
  • The distinct scent
If using do not apply too much, try to apply as thinly as possible

Will I repurchase? 
No. I had enough tries for Chin Chun Su already.

Chin Chun Su Facial Cream was a really popular but again, if you have oily skin this might not be for you. If you have dry or combination skin, you can try it out if it will work on you but take note on that it will aggravate pimples on your first 2 weeks.

My whitening cream search continues~

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  1. hello!!! I came across your makeup/skincare blog when I myself was looking for the ingredients in the same Chin Chin Su that you reviewed in this post. I am a native woman from the U.S. --Utah to be specific. Anyway--- I have been looking and looking for the ingredients in Chin Chun Su (pink oval container with the blue sticker.) Since I am not Asian, it has been very hard for me to find this out.
    Are you sure these are the ingredients in this particular container of Chin Chun Su??
    I use to use (and love!!) Ly-Na Facial Cream UNTIL they sold the company and completely changed the ingredients. Before they sold their company, the ingredients in Ly-Na were pearl powder and Sulfur as well as a few other helpful ingredients.
    Now it's Vaseline and talc as well as "pearl essence," whatever that is!!!
    I currently use San-ing Sulfur Facial Cream as well as Mena Herbal facial cream (green container) for dark marks and hyperpigmentation.
    I use Chin Chun Su as a spot treatment...never tried it all over..only san-ing sulfur and Mena have I used all over my face.
    thanks for a great review!! Well done & excellent job!

  2. Hi! Where can i buy that chin chun su here in manila? Please! I want to buy that but i don't know if that product still selling here.

    1. You can buy it in any beauty store esp. Mercury drug. Hope that helps.

    2. hi! actually I just buy ching chung su. you can buy it on a Botique or Mercury Drug, try mo sa mga nag sesell nang school supplies.

  3. Hi! Where can i buy this chin chun su here in Manila? I don't know if this product still selling here.. waiting for ur respond

    1. you can buy chin chun su in mercury drug store

  4. Been using this product on and off for, like, 15 years now. And, yes, you do break out the first few weeks of use but pimples eventually disappear, and it actually made my face smoother and lighter. Have i known it can be used on other body parts as well i would have done so a long time ago! ��

  5. Where can I buy this product? I want to try because I have a pimples

  6. Does chin chan su have mercury content?

  7. I've been using chin chun su since high school days and i am now 45 and still using it. I also use eskinol white clear as toner before applying chin chun su. This really made my skin supple and look younger at my age. I dont have problem with pimples or blemish or black heads. I use it as well in my bikini line and armpits. I will never change my beauty products until the day i die hahaha. Even if i can afford to buy signature products. It is really super effective and affordable. Promise.

    1. Oh wow sounds cool I bought mine at Mercury drug orange chinchansu with beta carotene .Im so excited to see the resul tomorrow especially when I saw ur experience about this product .Anyways what chinchansu you used..Thanks

  8. Hi.. is chin chan su safe for pregnant women?

    1. Hello, following the ingredients in pink chinchunsu (blue sticker), all of the content is safe for pregnant women, there is no contraindication of sulphur and other content that could be harmful to both mother and the baby if it is use on skin. For orange chin chun su, it consist beta-carotene that will be converted into retinol and could be toxic to the baby and cause defect if it is eaten orally, but on skin it is consider safe. I recommend using the pink one. Blue sticker for oily skin, pink sticker for dry skjn

  9. Is chin chan su safe to apply for pregnant women?

  10. is it effective for underarm whitening? can you apply this as base on your underarms and then use a deodorant?

  11. I'm also a Chinchunsu user here ;) and I'm so happy cuz I found a cheap cream for my face that is so Affordable and yet effective try to user it girls you won't be regret for sure

  12. Anyone else still using this product? Any update

  13. been using it for more than 2 months now ang I see the effect...

  14. Thank you so much for a candid review of the product. Mum's been using this product for years and at the age of 45, her skin looks softer and younger which is quite deceiving for her age. Her skin appears to be about 10 years younger. However, it makes her skin oily. Oh! I should say "very oily!" But yeah, i loved how it worked for her aside from that oily skin effect. I'm envious of her young-looking and wrinkle-free skin as I, at the age of 21, fine lines appear, my skin looks older than ny age. I wanna give this product a try. Just wanna ask if chin chun su would be okay if a man uses it. Just wanna know before tryin'. Thanks!

  15. I was having a really bad break out due to active ingredients from other skincare. But the only thing that calmed my face was chin chun su!!! It's superb and planning on using it for the long haul.


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