Saturday, October 8, 2016

Asian Madness: Sakura Restaurant and Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe

"Everyday may not be good buy there is something good in everyday"
A happy Saturday to everybody! This week has been so long because of our weekend duty for our agency promotions. Anyways since its a weekend again, lemme share our food adventures. You may want to try this places if you don't like to eat fast food for the day. When you crave for asian food, good thing restaurants in the mall already got you covered.

Sakura is located in Glorietta Complex, they don't have an enclosed place, its more of like a food court style but its nice. Some people may complain because its in the middle of the walkway and may be uncomfortable to some, to each his own I guess. For your convenience I am sharing the link to their menu from Zomato.

Yes he will soon be a master of chop sticks. hehe.
Chu ordered Katsudon  which is basically pork cutlet with onions and Donburi sauce topped with scrambled egg - P315 per order. Being the ramen lover that I am, I ordered Miso Ramen which is ground pork, shitake mushrooms and assorted vegetables with ramen in spicy miso paste, its P345.

Okay so to be honest, it was quite expensive compared to the other Japanese restaurants I've eaten before so I am quite expecting it would be good. The Katsudon is just 'okay'. But I may say there is nothing spectacular with the taste. The Miso Ramen on the other hand is filled with meat, naruto (fish cake) and some veggies. Its quite big and not so spicy. My only complain is that its a greasy ramen.

So since our first try for asian food is a bit let down we tried to look for our next food stop. I saw a big tarp of Ho bing inside Glorietta, which lead to our very first Bing Su experience!

Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe is located in Glorietta Complex as well, you can easily spot this korean place if you are going to SM Makati. Menu from Zomato here. I like the blue light ambiance which made it look really cold inside. They have a television that plays korean pop and american music videos. They gave us queue number when we ordered.

Good thing we came early because soon enough people are already lining up for seat reservations. We chose Chocolate Cookies Bing Su.

They added a lot of Oreos inside and even the ice is chocolate! It was a pleasant very first Bing Su experience. Nothing but love for Ho Bing. We took a few photos yeay~

I think we are lucky to get to try foods which are originally only available in their home countries. Ramen shops, masatami, okonomiyaki and bing su are just a mall away. Yay, have a happy weekend!~

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