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Review: Bumebime Mask Natural Soap

Good day Monday! Hello lovelies, this weekend I spent a few hours of my time watching Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2! Yay I love this anime, it brings out my inner otaku. Like I really want to know what will happen next and I am triggered to read the manga. One anime episode only lasts 20 minutes, like nooo~ Teehee anyhow for today I will review Bumebime Mask Natural Soap. Remember when I got it from my online shopping haul in Shopee?

What is it? 

*Bumebime Mask Natural Soap*
✅Made from natural snail, bee, tomato and bee extracts
✅Contains COLLAGEN for skin elasticity too
✅Contains vitamins for skin nourishment
✅Mixed with variety of vitamins which nourish the skin
✅Clearer skin even on first use
✅After exfoliate,the new skin will be visibly white and lighten
✅Soften and moisturize skin
✅Help to heal stretch marks and lighten dark spots
✅Safe and Effective substances with thai FDA approved
✅One of Thailand's BESTS

•Thailand FDA approved w/ Reg # 10-1-5936872
•Weight: 100grams
How to use:
Dab the soap on skin to create bubbles. If no signs of allergy, rub the BUBBLES (not the soap) on skin for 2-3 minutes then rinse. Do not use any lotion after since it can already make your skin look smooth and healthy.
•Use Daily

Ingredients: Made from natural extracts. 
- Extract from snail 🐌slime. The special feature is to help heal and nourish, heal wounds or scars to fade and disappear completely.
- Extract from honey 🐝 Leaves skin soft, moisturized.
- AHA acids from citrus fruits. Special Features Is to shed dead skin cells, leaving skin white with aura.

Bumebime Mask Natural Soap is also dubbed as a trending instant whitening soap due to its out of this world effect shown in their seller ads. 

Fruit themed adorable themed box, but the soap is pretty plain. Its round and magenta colored like Lipps candy with Thai word (must probably be Bumebime printed on it).

There are mixed reviews on Bumebime soap. I got tired of reading actually and thought of knowing the real deal behind this trending soap. Bumebime Mask Natural Soap smells like vanilla lotion which is common for thailand soaps. Its nothing overpowering or something to take note of. On using the soap I can say it lathers well. Just like in the ads online I tried to rub it on my skin and to let it sit there for 3 minutes or so. The lather turned into pale white then it disappeared. Upon washing off, tada! 

Nothing happened. Lol. 

My skin felt tight and dry afterwards. There was no micropeeling but my skin was itchy. Yes its  slightly reddish due to rubbing. I tried to use it again this morning but it still made my skin itchy. I did not try it on my face and I do not dare...

How much and where to buy?
Bumebime Mask Natural Soap retails for P250 but the wholesale price runs down to P150. I got it from Shopee for P120. This is not fake based on the seller's reputation.

What I love

  • Cute box
  • Got it on sale
  • Doesn't melt easily

What I don't

  • Very drying
  • Tight itchy skin after usage
  • Not for sensitive skin gals
Will I repurchase? 

Do me a favor and do not waste your money with Bumebime Mask Natural Soap, if you have sensitive skin that is. I am questioning the ingredients of this soap, why the heck was it very drying? Does it contain bleach or something? I will never know. One fact is that it doesn't stay true to it claims and they still sell this like hotcakes. Sigh~


/A lil bit of 'Me' time/
I just wonder what other wonderful things I can do with 8 hours if I freelance? *meep* Well I like my regular job, but after years of doing it I felt tired and I feel like I need to focus on doing something that relates to my passion. Back then I thought working years for the same job is easy and will be very doable. However that is not the case now, can anyone relate to this? Is this what they call midlife crisis? As long as I want to act like I am okay, I still can't hide the fact that it seems nothing is working anymore?

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  1. I really loved your review, I was thinking about it will work but know I think I won't buy it ���� but... I'll keep looking for a good soap.
    About your work I think you are young and you have to change it and look for a job which makes you happy, I understand you feel safe in your job 'cause you have been there for years but I think it's time to experiment new things. �� Fighting!
    Love, Giss. ��

  2. Thanks for making a review of this soap. I never believed the instant whitening effect shown on those video ads - not even Belo can make that magic in 3 minutes! But I've always been curious if the soap is indeed effective. Now I don't have to waste my money on this soap.

    1. Presently is using ine , but nothing change,the soap is not effective, I felt cheated. It costs me about 600 pesos ,shipping included .Definitely, I won't gi for another purchase

  3. Yeah! Me too i have very sensitive skin. I may not use it. Coz even just a regular soap it really dry my skin and it feels like a burning sensation and begins itching. So why would they say that it's all natural when it has that kind of negative reaction on skin. I wouldn't trade my brown healthy skin to a fair-dry-itchy-skin. That's it.

  4. This is a very honest review. I actually want to buy one either on Carousell or Shoppee, but when I read your review about it, I hesitated to buy. It would be another waste of money. I have learned to love my God-given skin tone. Thanks! ��

    1. hi.. want to try my soap i am using... its naturacential and whitening soap or oxygen bar, your skin will not dry...

  5. Thanks for review! Hahaa i was thinkinh its not that real effective as in video too. Kikih. Well i am a reseller and this review really does help me alot! Tqtq

  6. I have used this soap and I can see the effect after you washed it. it may not stay long but I supposed religiously using the soap will whiten the skin. My face is sensitive to most soap and this is the only soap for so many years that did not give me allergies. Even perla and Ivory gives me allergies but not this one

    1. I just bought the soap yesterday too. But now as I type a comment here I'm planning to try it. Hopefully it will work on my skin.

  7. Ive used this soap too. And yeap. Tadaaaaa NOTHING CHANGED. Lol. And yessssssbits make my skin itchy also dry my skin.

  8. Thanks for the review! I've almost click the order now when i seen it on fb. But because there are sime scam nowadays so i google the item and tadaaa... Ive read so many reviews! And i dont think i will buy it, tnx a lot f0r the info..

  9. Thank you so much for review. Omg! I'm shock when I see the video. This siap is so viral now. I almost biy this siap but fortunately I read your review. Thanks again anyway you are My savior hohoho... Xoxo

  10. made my skin very itchy, dry, rashes

  11. Thanks for your review. It helped a lot, lalo na sa bulsa. Buying immediately doesn't make any sense at all. Review honest reviews muna talaga.. thanks again.

  12. they say the result will be seen within 2 weeks . i dont know if its true hahaha

  13. It's really to good to be true

  14. Good thing I searched first for a review and comments about this product.. Thank you for the info..I wont purchase it anymore lol.More reviews to come!

  15. have you considered the thought that perhaps you've bought a fake item from shopee? you said you bought it for the amount of 120 plus or something when in fact its 475 in the website. That's one big difference you can't ignore. Just saying though. I mean you can't make a review of an item which is not bought directly from the manufacturer (WGE website) cause in reality, we have no way to attest if the authenticity of shopee's item is valid. No hate po ha. just saying lang

    1. Hi actually the shop I bought it from has the bumebime seller id which they use before to certify themselves as authentic item sellers and they even had a legible facebook shop that sells all sorts of thai beauty products. Anyway, thank you for your thoughts just the same. I tried to look for the WGE website you mentioned but I can't seem to find it, do you have a link? Btw have you tried buying Bumebime soap from them and did it worked on you?

      here's the link. I did order and I 'll have to wait 3 -7 days now. I saw amateur video reviews and seems like it worked for them..BTW, WGE_Asia sell bumebime soap in a price way expensive than the ones you bought and I just thought that maybe it might really give different effects. I hope not to regret ordering bumebime. haha

    3. helloooo! is this true? I already bought one. hayssss! and its also expensive. the price for this soap is Php 475.

      heres the site. please refer to this!

    4. Ate effective po ba? Gusto ko kaseng bumili

    5. Apparently, I tried Bumebime and it really worked. My skin did not turn white as expected but my complexion improved and appeared to be lighter especially on a broad daylight, and Bumebime --- alongside Alada --- are currently the reasons why I rarely use my rejuvenating toner nowadays hindi kagaya dati na regular akong nagto-toner. Rosey cheeks pa ako.

  16. I believe that it's a fake one. Just see then ingredients-- too many errors on the spelling. "Immodsia Chinsis Liaf Extract..."-- which should be Simmondsia Chinensis Leaf Extract.." and see how the ingredients are written. See also the expiry date. I saw one Bumebime soap sold at Timesquare sold at only P110 and its expiry is 10/11/64. Also,it had the same mispelled ingredients like the one you posted.

  17. I bought one from lazada and i think its fake kc it has no effect,i got just rushes on my sucks..

  18. Thank you so much for your honest review! I was attempting to buy this one. Yehey ✨

  19. Hi po. Unfortunately, you bought a fake bumibime. The real ones never sting and dry your skin. I'd been using this soap for almost a year and got some fake ones before so i was able to compare.

    The real soap keeps ur skin soft even if u lather it for hours. The fake one, on the other hand, stings and dries up ur skin after a few minutes. It will eventually burn ur skin if you leave it on for too long.

    Unfortunately, u cant tell fake from the real one based on the packaging or by looking at it. You have to try it first. If it feels like tightening or burning your skin, it's a fake. Genuine bumibime is so gentle it keeps ur skin soft and smooth and never dry.

    Also, it doesnt have to cost over 400. Thats overpricing. Been buying the real one for 200-250. You just have to look for a legit seller. Tnx.

    1. anonymous san mo nabili ang sabon try ko lang baka pumuti ako

    2. Hi Tentai. May I ask where do you purchase this soap? Thanks!

    3. I just got one too recently. how long would it take to see the result. I mean the noticeable lightening of your skin? hehe

    4. From where did you buy this

  20. So happy to have this review posted! Thanks! ��

  21. I want to try first to buy bumebine soap maybe it works for me ...

  22. To my surprise, it actually does brightens my completion! My question is... Like how in the world that a soap could do such wonder hahaha

  23. It's not actually soap. Its a tint.just like make up products. So definitely it will fade.

  24. Its not a whitening soap. Bumebime is a tint. Lol just like make up products. So definitely it'll fade.

  25. i try the soap and its effective kaso makati really puputi ka kaso makati ang feelings... kaya nag stop na ako kung ayaw nya maniwala try nya sa mukha ko pa naman na e try..


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