Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: Pax Moly Doctor Whitening Cream

Annyeong! Are you watching ABS CBN's Goblin? My sister is going nuts now that its showing on local television. She is surely captivated by Lee Dong Wook's pale white complexion and vampiric red lips. I like him too for that reason, meow. Anyway talking about pale white complexion, I want to share one of my favorite beauty item nowadays and its Pax Moly Doctor Whitening Cream.

What is it? 
Doctor Whitening Cream is once again from Pax Moly. They are a korean skincare company who creates all natural skin care products. Mostly moisturizers, soaps and gels which are all natural. 

Pax Moly Doctor Whitening Cream
Whitens & evens skin tone
Flawless perfection
Brightening Infusion

The cream is packaged in a white/pink tube plastic, the best type of packaging for creams IMO. It has a protective foil and a twist type cap.

The ingredients of Doctor Whitening Cream.

Upon using Pax Moly Doctor Whitening Cream I smell the faint flower scent. It has a thick consistency that spreads like a dream when applied on the skin. Its a tinted moisturizer which needs to be blended for a few seconds which results to a one shade lighter skin tone.

This is one of my 'pickme ups' nowadays. I apply it after my moisturizer & sunblock. Sometimes I even skip the moisturizer because it can double up as a moisturizer and makeup base. I noticed that it doesn't just instantly brighten up my complexion, it also makes my pores appear smaller. It makes application of my powder foundation easier and more flawless than when I apply it alone.

I cannot attest the long term whitening effect yet but I used it as a night cream and I woke up with brighter skin! Overall an awesome beauty product.

How much and where to buy?
P350 for 70ml/ Available at Oh-some MNL or

What I love
  • Faint flower scent 
  • It can be used for the face and body
  • Moisturizing
  • No breakouts
  • No irritation
  • Minimizes the look of my open pores
  • Instant one shade whiter
  • Non-sticky
  • Awesome makeup base
  • Brightens up my complexion
  • KDFA approved
  • Doesn't oil me up
  • Its not printed but it has SPF 50!
  • Affordable
What I don't
  • Nothing I can mention
Apply it under your makeup as your base. It makes skin brighter.
Use it alone if you have clear skin, on top of your sunblock. It minimizes pores. :)

Will I repurchase? 
Big fat YES.

Pax Moly Doctor Whitening Cream is a great makeup base if you often reach for powder foundations. The finish is more flawless rather than foundation alone. Its my favorite beauty item now and I m when I am on the go. I will get one again in case I ran out.

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  1. Hi Chien! ��
    I love Lee Dong Wook, he is pretty handsome. ����
    Well... I have a doubt about the cream. How much is it? It sounds perfect to be real lol
    So I think It could be a little expensive ��������
    Anyway,good job I'm also new in this block and I find this very helpful, I know almost nothing about makeup! �� keep typing about your experiences please!
    Love, Giss. ❤

    1. Its P350 and yes its really good. Its a whitening cream and makeup base in one. It also blurs out pores, try it!

      Thanks for dropping by. ^^

  2. Hey, do you apply around eye areas. If yes, does it burn? If no, what do you apply instead?

    1. I do, it is gentle even near the eyes for me.

  3. Hey didi it effectively with oily skin may I use and I am 17 it is possible to use this cream for my skin

    1. It can be used for oily skin, just use it sparingly. It doesn't have any age restrictions too so no worries 😘

  4. Is it okay if i use the cream while using rejuvenating?

  5. Can i use the cream while using rejuvenating cream


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