Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Review: Snow Skin Whitening Cream

Its Tuesday once again and its raining crazy outside. This is the perfect weather for sleeping and getting extra charge since most of you are on a holiday. We are exempted though but I am contented with just having 8 hours of beauty sleep. Vida Nutriscience has sent me their complete line of whitening products and it includes Snow Skin Whitening Cream which I use just before sleeping.

What is it? 
Snow Skin Whitening Cream says:
Reveal the beautiful You with SNOW Skin Whitening Cream's Elite 7 Skin Whitening Actives that whiten and lighten the skin while reversing skin problems such as dark spots, age spots, acne marks, old scars, uneven skin tone and melasma.

Get luminous white skin that is naturally bright. Redeem your beautiful skin. Keep the natural beauty glowing from within.

ELITE 7 Skin Whitening Actives:
1. IBR TCLC (Tomato Colorless Carotenoids)
2. IBR-Snow flake
3. Plant extract from the Swiss alps
4. Bearberry extract
5. Alpha arbutin
6. Beta glucan
7. Phenylethyl Resorcinol

How to use: After cleansing & toning apply generous amount to your face.

I like the airless pump dispenser, its made with sturdy plastic material and it has Snow's simple but classy black, white and red combination. Handle the transparent cap with care because its a bit delicate, mine just broke.

Snow Skin Whitening Cream is a scented moisturizer which is good if you like scented face products. I prefer unscented face products I got used to it after using it more often. The cream is light gray in color and its thick in consistency but spreads easily. I would like to use this on the rainy season because its a heavy type of moisturizer. It blurs out my pores so definitely something I like to use under makeup if I won't be commuting. There is an instant radiant effect upon application. After a month of usage, my skin tone has evened out but what is more, I noticed that dark marks left by my present breakouts are not visible as they were.

How much and where to buy?
1 bottle is 50ml and it costs P1499

What I love
  • Hydroquinone free
  • Paraben-free
  • Airless dispenser
  • Lightened dark acne marks
  • Moisturized my skin well
  • Great for the cold rainy weather
  • Radiant skin after application
  • Easy to spread

What I don't
  • Not a fan of scented products
  • Can be heavy or sticky when used for the day
  • Not easily absorbed by skin
  • Not for humid weather
  • Steep price for 50ml whitening cream

Will I repurchase? 
I have a couple of moisturizers to finish but I'll definitely consider this on the rainy days.

Snow Skin Whitening Cream can be your best bet for winter or chilly season. It might be too heavy for summer or when you will commute for the day so I suggest that you use it only at night. I love how well moisturized and radiant my skin is whenever I use this. In terms of whitening I can only speak for the lightened dark marks but who knows what will happen after a bottle or two? I recommend this to girls with dry skin who wants to try a highly moisturizing product that also promises to whiten the skin. It has very safe ingredients so if you are in for something new from the usual kojic or vitamin C creams, you've got to try this.

What is your favorite moisturizer for the rainy season?

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