Thursday, March 8, 2018

GLUTAREDOX officially launches in the Philippines

GLUTAREDOX, a premier FDA-approved sublingual glutathione officially launches in the Philippines

February 24, 2018 – With a vast selection of both oral and IV-based glutathione products, the normal skin-conscious Filipino would probably have a hard time selecting which is the best product to achieve their skin goals. Now, a new player is being introduced into the fold boasting of a combination of the fast-acting effects of an IV-based glutathione with the convenience of an oral one. GLUTAREDOX, a sublingual glutathione that is made in Italy, officially launched in the country at the EDSA Shari-La Plaza Hotel last February 24. The FDA-approved product is infused with the latest technology to guarantee faster absorption rates and quicker results.

What sets GLUTAREDOX apart from the rest of the products out now in the market would be its innovative way of administration. By using the sublingual method, wherein you melt the tablet under the tongue or at the side of your cheek, basically allows your body to absorb it directly via your capillaries. With that, it goes directly into your blood stream, just like a glutathione injection. Its ORO-FS Release technology basically guarantees up to 100% absorption of the product using this method of administration.

Of course, as a consumer, safety will always be a priority. GLUTAREDOX has already gone through all the processes of safety checks and has the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stamp of approval. “We really wanted to make sure to do all tests possible when it comes to safety. It was our main priority to get the FDA’s approval before we officially launched the product. We want our consumers to feel secure in what they are taking. To us, our consumers are everything” says Ms. Maureen Estrada, the managing partner of Oxina Nutricosmetics, the official exclusive distributor of GLUTAREDOX in the Philippines.

Ms. Luanne Dy, a host of popular GMA shows “Unang Hirit” and “Eat Bulaga” was selected to be the brand ambassadress of GLUTAREDOX, and with her glowing skin and energetic aura, it was a perfect fit. “We selected Luanne since she pretty much embodies what we want our brand to represent. The product energizes you and gives you healthy and glowing skin. We could not have picked a better person to represent the product” says Ms. Estrada.

GLUTAREDOX can now be purchased online via their official Facebook Page (, Lazada, or via There are COD options in certain areas of Metro Manila and free shipping nationwide. As of writing, purchases may only be done online but there are plans to make the product available at local drug stores. For more information on GLUTAREDOX, you may visit or call 372-2595.

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