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Review: Ishigaki-Advanced Ultrawhite-L-Glutathione

I associate Glutathione in getting rid of breakouts as well as its bonus whitening effect. Unfortunately I have a love-hate relationship with glutathione because the effect can just either be good or bad. Good when I lighten my skin or when nothing happens but bad when it made my skin sensitive or itch. I have tried Ishigaki-Advanced Ultrawhite-L-Glutathione just recently because I find it cheap, let's see how it fared.

What is it? 

Ishigaki-Advanced Ultrawhite-L-Glutathione
Having the skin tone of your dreams can do wonders not just for your physical feeling and appearance, but for your overall aura as well. Let the Ishigaki Advanced Ultrawhite L-Glutathione Capsules be your partner in perfecting your desired skin tone and your confidence as well.

L-Glutathione nutritionally supports immune function and is an effective anti-cancer supplement. It is also a highly potent free radical scavenger and enhances actions of Vitamin C. Ishigaki L- Glutathione 1000mg Capsules also supports liver health. Continuous usage may make your skin smooth and fairer. This Free Form Reduced Glutathione aids in increased cellular absorption and action, making it a physician quality immune and detoxification supplement.

Benefits of L-Glutathione:
Nutritionally supports immune function
Effective Anti-cancer supplement
Highly Potent Free Radical Scavenger
Major role assisting detoxification
Enhances actions of Vitamin C
Supports liver health
Continuous usage may make your skin smooth and fairer

Ingredients/ Supplement Facts:
L-Glutathione Tri-Peptide. L-Glutamic Acid 200mg. Glycine 200mg. L-Cysteine 200mg. L-Glutathione Booster. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 200mg. Alpha Lipoic Acid 50mg. L-Methionine 100mg. Ascorbic Acid 50mg

As with all supplements pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician.
Glutathione has cellular protective properties that make it unsuitable for chemotherapy patients.

Ingredients manufactured & imported from Japan.
Distributed by: Sci Chem Lab 5927 Geiger Court, Carisbad, CA, USA
There are fake Ishigaki glutathione in the market today so be sure to buy from trusted sellers.

Instruction for use: Take 1 capsule + 500 mg Vitamin C twice a day. You can take it 30 minutes before or after eating. You can use any kind of Vitamin C as long as it is 500 mg twice a day.

This gets a thumbs up for the sealed plastic packaging.

I take one Ishigaki capsule with Rhea Ascorbic Acid every night. Just like what they say, an authentic Ishigaki-Advanced Ultra White will smell like rotten egg but it doesn't matter much really because taking the capsule only takes seconds. My only complaint is that its too big to swallow.

To start with, I have naturally fair skin. What I dislike about my skin is that it is dull. And I want to have a glowing and healthy looking complexion. I barely noticed the change after a month. I guess I have to take more.

How much and where to buy?
I got in on sale in Shopee for P950 for 60 capsules.

What I love
  • Price wise this is cheaper than my old glutathione capsule favorite.
  • It comes with plastic seal and other seal onside
  • Stinky rotten egg smell which means its authentic 
  • Skin has a bit glow after taking Ishigaki 
  • There was no changes in my skin tone 
  • Batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the package. There's also the TDC initials embossed at the bottom of the bottle packaging and this is one proof that the product is authentic. 
What I don't
  • Capsules are too big to swallow
  • I'm not sure if its BFAD approved
  • Available only online
  • I became more prone to breakouts after taking them I might be allergic to ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid).
Will I repurchase? 
Contemplating if I should.

So that's it for Ishigaki-Advanced Ultrawhite-L-Glutathione, its something that gave me a faint glow but also broke me out. I guess we are not meant to be, lol. I will still continue in taking glutathione in the future but for detoxification process only. I have started going to the derma recently and she advised me not to take gluta anymore.

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