Friday, September 27, 2019

Life Updates: White Skin, New Hair Color & Fave Streamers

Hi guys it's the end of the week right here. I am still amazed on how time flies so fast and it's nearing October! Just thought of giving a bit of an update with this post.

New hair color!
I finally got tired of my blonde turned pink locks and I dyed it purple! In case you see entries or blonde hair vlogs then it is definitely something from my backlog haha.

Did a splurge shopping!
I normally just go with what is cheap and affordable but last weekend I cannot help but buy this set of top and shorts. It isn't like I don't have something similar but it just caught my eye somehow. Goodbye to my hard earned cash, this was from Surplus. The top is from Forever21 but I forgot the brand of the shorts.

New line of skincare from Minjun's Philippines: White Skin
Minjun's Philippines is the official distributor of Pax Moly Korean skin care products. Now they made their very first local brand line called White Skin. I ordered my first set as I am real curious on the promised 3 days effect. The skincare line is based mostly on glutathione and collagen.
It's basically a whitening set and it comes with a bleaching soap, toner, serum, cream and lotion. I am praying real hard that hopefully if this is effective they can do some line for anti-acne as well, yes?

Weekend Plans
I will be with my fam this weekend but my dad is sick so I am not sure if we can still go out and celebrate my sister's birthday. And oh, we lost 2 kittens as mentioned by my younger brother. 🙁

I might still do something else on Monday too.

Watch my Fave streamers!
I have also started playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I even recorded my 60th day brawl to commemorate but I've decided not to post it. The game really stresses me out so instead of playing I watch game streamers. My favorite is BobongGamer. Do watch his live stream, he can make his audience laugh, that is why his audience is so engage in watching daily even without any skin or diamond give aways.

If you want a pro-player livestream, tips and tricks you may want to try RollerGaming instead.

That is about it! I really do hope to get more subs in my Youtube by the way but I can't find the time to edit my videos. I got a couple pending now haha. Anyway do share your plans for the weekend, Happy Friday everyone!

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