Saturday, August 28, 2021

Back to reading: APOP Books Loot!

Reading is one of my long-lost hobbies. Ever since I started working I lost all the time and enthusiasm I had for reading. While scrolling through my Facebook feed I've seen one of my friends showing her book from APOP.

I've checked our their page and the quotes from their books quickly captured my attention.

I want something fun yet inspiring at the same. Something that can spark my love for reading once again. And so, fast forward to now I got all of the APOP books (back in June). 

I was able to finish Origin 1cm then slowly read Being comfortable without effort. I can totally relate to the author's experience in life. I decided to live as me seems to be another good book for self-reflection. Then the other 2 books Love is... are like photo books I've seen related to the Korean drama W 2 Worlds.

Anyhow, I am just happy to be able to finish reading books again. How about you, what is your current hobby?

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  1. Haii Chie I was so glad that I discovered your site it's so inspiring ♥️♥️ and btw my hobby is reading and yes I decided to live as me is really a wonderful book I think.. but I hadn't finish it yet but I can tell you its a great book ☺️��


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