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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil in Milk Tea

Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil in Milk Tea Review

 After finishing up a lot of full-sized bb cream tubes I bought a few months back I am now a cheap skate kid that can't afford a new one. Boohoo~ So now I need to stick with the basics eh? Like a separate moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen. Yikes. All of those steps will take too much of my every morning. And another misfortune is that I am also all out of concealer!

Yay so fortunately I was in Landmark the other day, I checked several local brands (they are affordable!) and remembered that I have been wanting to try my favorite foundation's concealer counterpart, and so I did! :)

What it is?
Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil is a concealer stick, which is meant to cover up nasty blemishes and perhaps brighten dark panda under eyes.

Check out the ingredients below:

It doesn't have parabens (good thing!) and it contains tea tree oil! Good in controlling acne. Let's read an excerpt from webmd:

Why do people take tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil has been used traditionally as a topical antiseptic and antifungal treatment. One study found that tea tree oil worked as well as 5% benzoyl peroxide in controlling the symptoms of acne. It appears to be effective with toenail fungus and possibly athlete's foot. Studies of tea tree oil for other conditions such as gum disease, vaginal infections, and dandruff have been inconclusive.

Oh~ so tea tree oil is not just for acne, it can also be a cure for other girl problems as well (now if Head & Shoulders could come up with a tea tree variant?) CR: Photo from Fashion21.

Not just a concealer! It is also a foundation!

The Packaging:
I got myself Milk Tea but it is darker than my skin tone. (T_T)
The green packaging is eye catching, I didn't even bothered to look at the other concealer line. The product cap is just a cap. Hahaha what I mean is it not even twist type of something.O(≧∇≦)O
I like that it is not a loose cap or whatever. It just sits on my kit, safe from product wreckage because the cap is tight and secure. ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

Product Experience:
I tried Fashion 21 Perfect as a concealer. The texture is smooth and it is really blendable. The concealer has a minty scent which I like (might be tea tree?). It has a powder finish, light enough like you are not wearing anything on your face.

I was intrigued on how Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil in Milk Tea will fare as a cream foundation, so I did!٩(^ᴗ^)۶  I was not afraid to use it on my face because it contains tea tree and I didn't had any bad skin reaction when I used it as a concealer. I only used my fingers with blending because it brings better results. If you would use blush, I recommend liquid tints. Blending is like a dream, no streaks or anything. By the way don't forget to moisturize first because as mentioned it has a powder finish which might accentuate dry patches (in case you have any).

Behold for the next photo is when I had a breakout galore. Not-so-good skin days. :(

See picture above, the coverage is buildable, not cakey even with layers on but still might not be enough for red acne or dark pimple marks IMO. It helped a bit in covering up my pores. The final result is natural flawless finish which lasts for hours. However I still prefer reapplication because I like the look better when its freshly applied. 

Once I left my powder foundation at home and didn't even had my loose powder with me, I had to make do with Fashion 21 Perfect Stick. I was afraid I'll be so stress looking throughout the day. But guess what, besides being oily on my t-zone everything else is fine. If I was not just oozy on wanting freshly applied makeup I would not even bother to retouch.

Another scenario is using this before swimming. It claims to have UV protection along with coverage (like bb creams? minus the moisture!) My liner and lip tint is gone but I noticed that its like my foundie is still on even after 3 hours of being in the water. Is this some kind of waterproof? Amaziiing~

How much and where to buy?
Landmark and Watsons nationwide at only Php 195 per 11.5 grams tube. Beat that! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

What I love?
  • The smooth texture
  • Buildable/ blendable 
  • Cream to powder finish
  • It has UV protection
  • ]The tea tree minty scent!
  • Covers up pores when used as a foundation!
  • It is a 2 in 1 product
  • Affordable and accessible
  • Long lasting and I suspect it is even waterproof! (๑>ᴗ<๑)
  • Does not break me out
 What I don't 
  • Not good enough coverage if used as a concealer
  • Shade I got is darker than mehh~
Moisturize first before using this product!
Double or triple layers on skin imperfections
Use makeup remover and good cleansers for skin cleansing.

Will I repurchase? 
Yessssh I will! I might just bought the wrong shade.Perfect choice for girls in a tight budget. This is a must-try! :)

A bang for the buck! Overall quality of Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil in Milk Tea is great. Not for a concealer though, but I can pass that up. As a cream foundation this baby is a winner!

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