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Friday, March 24, 2017

Review: Clear Nose Blackhead Remover from Thailand

Blackheads is one of the most common skin problem both by men and women alike. Even my boyfriend thinks so too! We even tried using different blackhead remover masks lately, it was fun but so far the results were not so impressive. In accordance to that for today I will review Clear Nose Blackhead remover.

What is it? 
Clear Nose which is also called Gel Hut Mun White is a white cream meant for removing both blackheads and whiteheads. It comes with a set of around 45pcs of paper. I seriously haven't seen much reviews about this product yet so here we go.

Since it came in a small plastic bottle, I was thinking that it should also come with a spatula or something, but I can't complain. This stuff is pretty cheap already. I just shake it well before getting some product using a q-tip. Not on pictures it has a protective plastic lid inside to keep the product from spilling and drying out. It also includes about 45 pcs of paper. I am not sure what kind of paper they are but they have vertical lines and a teeny bit smells like powder.

I am not so sure what is the ingredients though. The problem with most of the trending products right now is that it lacks english translations.

The cream smells like a medicinal product, not minty but it kinda puts me to a mood like I want to sleep. We are not limited to our noses because we can also use it on other parts of our face as well. The product's ad shows really good results but I am not easily swayed by ads, hoho~

I have no high expectations because Clear Nose is cheap. I mean come on I've tried a lot already. When using this product make sure to shake the bottle first before application using a q-tip. Its not a very thick cream though, its still liquidy and drips easily. I was wondering why do they need to include paper, why not just make the liquid more like a cream like the normal blackhead removers?

Anyway just the same of course I tried it. I won't post photos of myself although I have it, the lighting at home is bad and I look awful lol. Just to compensate though the results is below, behold!

WARNING: Gross blackheads when zoomed!

Isn't that a lot?! I was very very amazed with the results and I cannot believe with how many blackheads it managed to get from my nose. Sorry for the gross photos, it was satisfying to see that it removed so much. All this time I was thinking blackhead removal is a big joke especially if I use commercially available nose packs etc, but Clear Nose Black Head Remover proved me wrong.

There are also fake Clear Nose as I've read from other users and it has a different kind of paper included. They say its more of glossy and it doesn't have the vertical lines like the real ones. The thing is, I am not sure how to tell if its effective or not.

How much and where to buy? 
There is no official shops for Clear Nose but there are a lot of this online, shop. The price ranges from from Php 80 above.

What I love 
  • Very affordable
  • Very effective in blackhead/whitehead removal
  • Scent is good
  • Peeling off doesn't hurt as much as other nose packs I've used
  • No itchy feeling after usage
What I don't 
  • Doesn't say ingredients
  • Lacks english translation 
Shake well before using
You may use a q-tip or a small spatula to apply it to your nose

Will I repurchase? 
A big fat YES!!!

Clear Nose Blackhead Remover (Gel Hut Mun White) deserves a round of applause for being very effective yet cheap. I seriously didn't imagine using a blackhead remover product which delivers amazing results. Where was Clear Nose all of this time?

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Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated

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