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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Review: EPSA Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

Heavy rains everyday! As you can see I am trying my best to be active my social media accounts lately. This post is a bit of a throwback, I already finish this stuff! We are more on hair care ladies and gents as I seldom do makeup nowadays. I am mostly at home because I started  my homebased job back in June. Okay so to start, our review for today is for EPSA Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment. I have gotten this for my heavily bleached hair. I needed to get some shine even though my hair is real dry. I don't really cut my hair but I'm fond of changing colors.

What is it? 
EPSA Brazilian Keratin Blow Out Treatment is an innovative Solution to a healthier and smoother hair. Frizz-free and Tangle-free for normal, colored, treated, rebonded or bleached hair, making it more manageable and straighter.

One set of EPSA Brazilian Blowout comes in 3 bottles - shampoo, keratin treatment and after treatment conditioner.

They are in big brown plastic easy to pump bottles.

So based on instructions:
Shampoo hair using #1 EPSA Clarifying Shampoo bottle to open the cuticle of the hair for optimal results.
👒 Wash hair twice for all hair types.
👒 Towel dry hair leaving enough moisture.
👒 Section hair into four parts. (wearing of gloves is important).

Let us start with EPSA clarifying shampoo. I am already aware that this will be drying as this type of shampoo cuts through product buildup and oils to leave your hair squeaky clean. Read more: what is clarifying shampoo? The consistency is very thin, and I have no complaints on the smell. Given that my hair is bleached I tried to use as little of this  product as much as possible.

Next is the EPSA Keratin Blowout:
👒 Apply #2 EpSA Keratin Blow Out bottle into hair using brush, 1/8 inch away from scalp to the ends.
👒 Do not over-saturate, remove excess product using a fine tooth comb.
👒 Do not rinse, blow dry the hair up to 100% dry using a round brush.
👒 After blow drying the product on the hair.
👒 Proceed with ironing.
👒 Using a flat iron with 230°c, start at the nape of the neck taking 1-2 inch sections (Paper thin sections).
👒 Slowly move iron from root to ends.
👒 Pass over each section 3-4 times for sensitized hair or 4-8 times for resistant / virgin hair.
👒 After ironing the hair, rinse hair with water and apply #3 EpSA Conditioning Cream bottle then rinse thoroughly. 
👒 Towel dry hair then final blow dry up to 100% dry before ironing again (optional).

The keratin treatment smells like chemical. I literally had my eyes crying because of the scent lingers even when I have already covered my head with the shower cap. While ironing I felt like my strands are being drier with each pass of iron.

Lastly will be the conditioner. The conditioner is very thin as well. I doubt that it will do anything to my dry strands. So here is my before and after photo. I actually managed to finish this set and I must say nothing changed with my hair condition.

How much and where to buy?
P1300 via Shopee

What I love

  • I like how straight my hair looks after the process and it stays that way for 3 days even when I wash it.

What I don't

  • The whole treatment is a tedious task.
  • I felt my hair became drier after the whole process
  • Didn't gave any shine 
  • The keratin treatment smells like very bad chemical, and it tears me up

Will I repurchase? 

I don't really feel that EPSA Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment did any wonderful for my hair as the effect was only temporary. The process is also very tedious and the effect is just mediocre. I also don't like the fact that I am tearing up every time I use it. Sadly this hair care product is not for me, I might try have another brazilian treatment but the next time, I will go to the salon.

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Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated

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