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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Review: Human Heart Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel

Hello lovelies! Don't you just love binge watching kdrama every now and then? I can't praise enough how immaculate their actors and actress skin is. Being born with acne prone skin I seldom experience clear complexion. Maybe there are good days but there are more breakouts than I can ever imagine! And so, I am always on the lookout for acne gels. I tend to jump from one brand to another because I have noticed that after a while, my skin gets used to the product and it stops on being effective on me. I found Human Heart Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel which seems promising. It's offered by a really good local brand Human heart nature. They vouch for natural and local sourced ingredients. What is there not to love? I have been dying to try their mineral makeup, I'll maybe buy one when I finish my stash.

What is it? 
Human Heart Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel
Clear skin without the risk
Get clearer-looking skin without the harmful side effects of chemical treatments. This potent blend of tea tree oil and pimple-fighting actives penetrates the skin to help crack down on breakouts and dry out blemishes.

Fewer pimples in 7 days*
In an independent 7-day clinical trial, fewer pimples were observed on 76% of Acne Defense Solution Gel users compared with only 26% of Popular Brand B users and 29% of popular Brand P users.

*2-week independent clinical study on users of Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel and users of popular chemical acne treatment brands

Be acne-free in three!
Step 1: Cleanse your face with Acne Defense Facial Wash.
Step 2: Apply Acne Defense Face Toner using gentle swipes

source: Human Heart Nature

The packaging is sanitary. It offers an easy to press top.

The acne gel indeed smells like tea tree and smells soothing for me. I dab this on my zits and it doesn't sting. I always make sure to apply Human Heart Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel whenever I get breakouts and I noticed that it minimizes the acne after 2 days. It quickly diminishes the bump afterwards and I really like how it doesn't leave dark marks. It's like I never had acne at all.

I've tried other acne gels in the market before but it leaves dry patches and dark marks. This on the other hand is a winner on both categories. 
How much and where to buy?
P200 in Human Heart Nature stores. Trinoma Malls offers their product already!

What I love
  • It minimizes my pimples in as fast as 1-2 days
  • It doesn't sting as much as chemically laden anti-acne skincare
  • It didn't leave dark marks
  • It's very affordable
What I don't
Nothing I can mention

Will I repurchase? 
YES. This is my beauty staple now.

 Human Heart Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel just simple works. It is on sale for P200 but only you can get it for P160 from authorized sellers in Shopee.

What is your favorite anti-acne product?

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