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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Hello Lovelies! Hope you had a blast this last Valentines Day. Happy memories everyone, I know! <3
So this review of mine came in a bit late, mianhe! Buzz over Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is all the buzz in Instagram, Facebook and the Blogosphere. And who wouldn't? 'Miracle' - is a BIG WORD after all~

By the way before I dig in, in order to spread love & happiness all over the world (lol) let me introduce you to my kaomoji smileys. I used to make posts with this babies but after I moved from wordpress to blogger I completely lost them. So yes, more of them sooooon~
Hope you'll like them as well as I do.

(that's me and my newly colored hair - not again!)

So I got our product for today from Sampleroom. They were really generous to even give out free shipping, thank you so much! Aye aye and so off to the review~ 

What is it?
Pantene says: Total Damage Care 10/ 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Damaged hair tips, like split ends, lose more protein than the roots. This protein loss leads to a cycle of damage as it hollows the hair.
Pro-V formula
• Helps repair and seal every strand of hair – reduce protein loss to stop the damage progression
• Helps prevent future split ends even in 3 months**
• Specially designed for daily use
*vs. non conditioning shampoo
**with regular use
source: Pantene
As per its newest commercial, this conditioner offers 'intensive potent formula' which can fix 3 months hair damage. Wow~ The secret is with the highest ever level of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicone (TAS) ingredient, one of the latest generation of silicones. You can look into more of the scientific explanations here.

Golden Tube which screams glamorous and fabulous! Fit for its Miracle claim, no other colors would seem perfect for the product. Hi dear friend Alyssa I know you'll really like this.

For over chemically treated hair, we all know that plain shampoo simply won't cut it. I know, I have also been in an off and on relationship with hair spa treatments that doesn't seem to work anymore.
So first thing I noticed is its thick consistency compared to other hair conditioners I've tried before. This is a good thing because if its really concentrated then I will not be needing too much product for it to work. For conditioners I am particular with scents as this is what my hair will be smelling like after and let me tell you that I am in love with its raspberry + strawberry + vanilla scent. I am darn bad at describing scents but its so fruity and yes I love it. *throw hearts here* (I'm losing myself again, omo! )

Just like any other conditioners I apply this after I shampoo my hair, wait 3 minutes and rinse off (its really easy to rinse off.) Ever since I have bleached and colored then recolored I had a hard time combing my hair especially when its wet. But I noticed that after usage, my hair is a tad manageable even when I didn't use hair leave-on. I didn't also get the usual tangles & greasy feel I usually get especially when its hot and humid outside. No more dry and frizzy hair for the whole day but soft and shinier hair.

I cannot stress out how much dry and frizzy my hair is, honest to goodness that after usage it was tamed and has more body. It truly improved my hair condition which was far from the effect given by other hair products I've used all combined.

How much and where to buy? 
This is a sample sent but alas even the Zalora sale was already over. But fret not! I believe they will deliver supplies to your nearest supermarkets and beauty shops soon.
70ml - P59.00
180ml - P159
340ml - P259.00

To sum things up...
What I love 

  • The fruity scent <3
  • Really easy to rinse off
  • Hair feels soft and clean every after wash
  • The thick consistency - a little goes a long way here!
  • No more tangles - only manageable hair
  • Fast results in just 3 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Less hair breakage/ less hair fall
  • Improved overall hair condition

What I don't 

  • Nothing I can mention
- Leave it on for more than 3 minutes for extra hair love
- You can also put on a shower cap and treat it like a hair spa treatment

Will I repurchase? 
Yes yes and yes

I am really satisfied and if Pantene 3 Minute Miracle can also be my answer for split ends after continuous usage I will forever be loyal! <3 I am more than convinced and I am a converted Pantene user. Just like what Bea Alonzo said, This is more than a conditioner, it's a miracle'.

 I love it!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Peach

Graduation day is comiiiiing! Yes finally. I wonder how our family will celebrate the day? I am so excited! \(T∇T)/

Everybody knows that I love pink but for some reason I started to like peach colors lately because it looks more natural on me than pink. Lemme introduce you to Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Peach.

There are other colors to try from their Cherry Tint line like red and pink.

Fresh Cherry Tint 
OR 201 Cherry Peach 
 Tint promotes moist & shiny cherry lips with a creamy, smooth texture.

[Directions] Use tip to gather and apply tint. Apply extra layer for more coverage.


This product inspired me to use cute japanese emoticons! Like yeah~ ≧(´▽`)≦

I so love cutesy stuffs and getting old won't set me back from loving them. Hoho~ I use this tint when I want to sport au-naturele look. Like when I am going to school. I love pairing it with a soft pink or peach blush.

So I have used this with and without balms. It does suffice on providing moisturized healthy lips finish but it doesn't really last long. It has a creamy consistency same to milky tints of Tony Moly. If you don't use a lip balm you will soon have dry and chapped lips. Not a big problem because I know that it's ordinary for lip tints to be drying. The color (quite orangey) peach changes once applied. It becomes kinda pinkish on me which I like. Color is not camera friendly, it does not show much in pictures. But sometimes I still use it alone or as a base for my peachy/skin tone lipsticks.

The Packaging:
Sweet sexy peachy bottle which says 'Fresh Cherry Tint'. The sponge tip applicator picks just the right amount of product.

How much? P298 online while in their Etude House shops its P378.
TIP: Buying Etude House products online is cheaper and may save you money if you plan to buy lots of stuff. However you must be willing to wait because most of the time, products are on pre-order. Fret not, because there are perks in buying in kiosks and EH shops in SM Malls, spending P500 or over a thousand will earn you princess points and freebies! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Where to buy? At Etude House shops and kiosks at SM Malls nationwide, or online!

What I love:
  • It leaves glossy finish so no need for lip gloss
  • Moisturizes lips but when tint dries I need to reapply because my lip chaps
  • There is tint left after the gloss wears away
  • Smells like candies! Hmm... sweet!
  • Color is comparable to the natural lips when freshly exfoliated
  • Makes me look healthy and not overdone
What I don't:
  • It does not last long.
Will I buy again? I found other peachy lip products from Etude House and I plan to buy some. I might repurchase Fresh Cherry tint some other time.

A really good product as always from Etude House, worth every penny IMO.

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Peach in action. Please excuse our faces. Hihi can we pass up as an Ulzzang couple? Yay, kidding! <3


Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Konjac Cleansing Sponge

Konjac Cleansing Sponge is my little gentle scrubbing buddy. I got this in my recent haul in Landmark. I just want to try this product so I chose the cheapest one available (it's the smallest one too). This is quite new for me actually, it is a very popular cleansing sponge in Korea and South East Asia but I just recently heard about it. 

So what is a Konjac Sponge?
An all natural sponge made from konjac roots (vegetable fiber) with extra fine texture. It is used for skin cleansing.

Cleans pores eliminating blackheads, dirt and oil.
Kills acne/pimple causing bacteria.
Moisturizes your skin upon use.
Exfoliates your skin to bring out natural shine.
Balances the pH of your skin.
Ideal for people with hypersensitive skin.

My Experience: 
It is like a hard pumice stone at first. Instruction says to soak the konjac sponge in water for 3-5 minutes for the initial use. This is being done to soften the product and to transform it to super soft sponge! Massage your face or body with sponge in circling direction: I use this alone or with my facial wash/soap.The konjac sponge I have is the same size of my plushie's head below:

About the same size of the head of my little plushie CJ7.

I like that it is really gentle but I can't attest to it's eliminating blackheads, killing acne/pimple causing property because I think it's too much to ask for a small cleansing sponge. I still get them even I use this sponge, but I really don't mind. I had the chance to use this when my face was micro peeling but it didn't fully helped in exfoliating, maybe because of the fact that it was indeed gentle and soft. However if you'll ask if it made a difference on my skin, then yes. It somehow made my skin look brighter and I highly recommend it to hypersensitive skin because it is an oh-so-natural product.

Where to buy: Landmark

How much: Less than P30 for the smallest konjac sponge

What I love 
  • It's a super gentle cleansing sponge
  • Affordable
  • Brightens up skin with continuous use

What I don't
  •  None
Will I buy again?
I really think I should repurchase, maybe after it is worn out? Around 3 months or so. I dunno. But I do recommend this product if you have ultra sensitive skin, I believe this should work on you. :)

Hope you like my review, see you on my next post!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Etta's Compact Skin Whitening Powder

This post is long overdue. But anyway, since whitening is still all the rage now and I still can't find a review about Etta's then I'll publish this. :P

So what is Etta's?
Etta's Compact Skin Whitening Powder (also called Etta's bleaching powder) is:
A pre-mixed compact of skin beauty aids in a single white dry powder form. The effective skin whitening for dark skin or areas of dark skin - sunburn, thus preventing the formation of freckles, birthmarks, pimples and blackheads, prickly heat that gives baby skin results. No pre-washing needed. Economical and easy to apply.

I have high hopes with Etta's Bleaching Powder because of the raves I see in girltalk. How good can this powder really be? I gave in and ordered my Etta's online. It was not easily available in stores before. I also bought Etta's Mixing Solution for the mix sold separately. It is mentioned that we can use milk in place of the mixing solution though. Etta's Mixing Solution is 10 V Hydrogen Peroxide which can also used to lighten/bleach hair.

The product:

The bleaching powder is a finely milled plain white powder. It has no scent and the texture is the same with flour. One box contains 112 grams of product divided to 2 separate bags.

How to prepare?

  1. Put (1 tablespoon for face/ 4 tablespoon for body) Etta's powder in a bowl.
  2. Mix powder with the Hydrogen Peroxide until ice cream appearance is produced.
  3. Apply on desired area. Wait until it dries and wash with plenty of water.
  4. Apply moisturizer/ lotion after.

Recommended Schedule of Application for best results:
  • Once for 7 consecutive days
  • Twice for 1 week
  • Once for 1 week
  • Twice for 1 month
  • Then once a month regularly

*This regimen works the same as White Henna and Soap Chips which is also quite popular way to body bleach.*

Upon application you will feel your skin tighten, somehow itchy but do not fret as this is normal. I used Etta's Bleaching Powder hoping that it will even out my skin tone. However I didn't noticed any changes. I followed the schedule as hard as I can but I still didn't seen effects.

  • Cheap whitening regimen. It's only P180/ box and P30 for the Mixing Solution both available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

  • Messy routine and not for busy people. You can't walk around when you use this product as the powder will fly around and you'll leave white mess on your floor.
  • No ingredient list for the bleaching powder.

Final Verdict:
Despite the fact that I didn't noticed any effect, I still think that this product is still promising. Hydrogen Peroxide alone is already a wonder product. I am quite fair so I assume that bleaching powder is not enough to even out my skin tone. I will ask my sister to try this, who knows? It might work on her. After all, a lot of people already swears by this product. The effect of Etta's Bleaching powder varies so you need to try it out yourself to see if it works for you. *wink*

I'm curious to know what whitening regimen do you have now sisses?

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