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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Set

My mom always watch Kumikitang Kabuhayan: Swak na Swak. One Saturday while we were watching, Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin was featured again and she asked me if I could by a set so we can try it and so I did.

I remember back then my first facial set was from 'Beauche' review here and then there was 'Local Obagi', which led me to try Professional Skin Care Formula products. This was like 5 years ago, today their packaging has changed and there are more local sellers than before. By the way this review keeps on getting delayed because of untaken product photos, anywhere here we go. Off to our Rejuvenating Set by Dr. Alvin Review below:

What is it? 
Rejuvenating Set by Dr. Alvin is just one of the beauty sets by Professional Skin Care Formula. It consists of Rejuvenating Toner, kojic soap, sunblock cream and 4 in 1 bleaching cream and is said to be one of their best-sellers.

How to use
Basically the routine is simple but needs a bit of dedication. I must admit there are days wherein I grew tired of doing everything altogether. But patience is a real virtue!

Kojic - Rejuvenating Toner - Sunblock cream
Kojic - Rejuvenating Toner - Bleaching cream (4 in 1)

For the detailed step-by-step instructions you can enlarge first photo above. The set can only be used for a maximum of 30 days then you will need to stop and use maintenance set or you know, an old basic beauty routine you might have.

It looks posh than their old packaging. It is still made of plastic but now we can distinguish which is the authentic product and which is not. One way to check if the Rejuvenating set you bought is authentic is by checking the bottom of the 4 in 1 cream. There should be embossed PSCF letters which means, you've guessed it right, Professional Skin Care Formula.

My Experience
My skin is sensitive to kojic soaps so I was a bit worried. But I'm so glad that my first two nights was ordinary. No bumps, no sting, just plain dry feeling because it is an acid soap.

On my 3rd night I felt that the soap stings. I cannot leave it for one minute as instructed, so I washed it off after about 20 seconds. (Okay so girls rule#1 if you cannot endure it, better skip or do what your instinct tells you). Application of the bleaching cream also stings. But that is kinda expected. There were white heads appearing here and there which I didn't mind. There is also a bit of not so obvious redness. On my 5th day I noticed my face was micro peeling. I was fine with it, I am more than ready to peel.I am even glad that at least the rejuvenating toner doesn't sting but it still makes my skin dry. @_@

The peeling period is not really crazy. Peeling was mild and it doesn't hurt as much as I expected. Heard horror stories about astringents? I did. Long time ago when I first tried peeling products I look like an apple. It was very painful back then. :(

Peeling means new skin and its one way to hasten rejuvenation. Because this is new skin make sure to take good care of it and use sunblock. I use the sunblock cream provided with the set but its just SPF 15 so I still use another sunblock cream on top of it just to be sure. I use Dermplus sunblock SPF35 in case you are wondering. During this time that my face is peeling I bring the handy dandy sunblock tube provided in the set and I also use moisturizer to make the peeling skin less visible.
I also still put makeup and my trusty BB cream is present.

I noticed that mornings are pleasant, my face looks bright and even toned. My mom often tells me that my forehead looks 'makinis' (flawless) but its actually dry and tight because of the cream and toner. I still got acne before my period which is again fine with me. No product can fight the power of hormones.

How much and where to buy? 
I got mine from one of their stores in Buendia. They actually have stores in bizarre places. But glad what I got is authentic.

What I love 
Clearer skin in just a month
Got rid of pimples on the side of my face
Radiant skin on the mornings
Not much redness and sting when I use the set

What I don't 
Micropeeling (but yeah not really a con because this is needed to be done)

  • Make sure you got an authentic Professional Skin Care set by checking the 4-in-1 bleaching cream's bottom. It should have an embossed 'PSCF'. The products should come with a silver seal.
  • If the soap stings too much its okay to wash it off right away or use a moisturizing facial wash for the mean time until you can use the soap again.
  • Use sunblock as much as you go outside. I stay inside the office so this is not a biggie. But if you spend lots of your time outside then better bring your sunblock with you so you can reapply.
  • Stings, micropeel and a bit of redness is normal but if anything is too much- 
  • Consult your derma if redness/irritation persists
And behooold!~
Here I go with my makeup less face after 30 days. Thanks to the good morning sun, brand new washed face and the Rejuvenating set. See I have acne because of my red day but it is not that bad. Hello world!

I like how the Rejuvenating set by Dr. Alvin made my skin free from too much acne. I also have less blackheads since I started using it. I believe with another set my face can even be better. I hope it will also minimize my pores more. Only another set can tell!
I've just finished my 30 days of usage and thus I need to stop as instruction. I will be using another set after 2 months or so or I can opt to use a maintenance set. What do you think?

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Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First Impression: Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Set

Hi Lovelies, Happy Tuesday!
Lemme share something I bought last Saturday. Tadaaa~
 Rejuvenating set from Professional Skin Care Formula.

It has been years since I have last used their product. I remember being so adventurous on using skin care products back then. I've tried Beauche, local obagi sets etc then now its Professional Skin Care Formula Rejuvenating Set. All facial sets have one similar effect though and its to micropeel.

My mom has been bugging me to buy a set beauty set from Professional Skin Care formula since she often watch Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and this brand is almost always featured.
And so I did, I'm such a good girl haha 

Just like other rejuvenating sets I've seen online, this set consists of kojic acid soap, rejuvenating toner, 4 in 1 bleaching cream and sunblock cream.

It is highly recommended to only use the product for not more than 30 days. The set comes with a cute transparent pouch and the instruction.

First Impression:
On my first night, I used the kojic acid soap and I did not felt it sting (at least not yet). The rejuvenating toner cleanses extra makeup left from washing. The bleaching cream is not at all sticky and is absorbed quickly by the skin. The products are all unscented, thumbs up! 

I will be posting a full review once I finish the period of usage recommended for the set. See you on my next post!

My favorite song for the week. Fuu~ lemme breathe Girls Day is so beautiful in this music video. Girls Day FTW!

 *I'm open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc. please email me at: sparkliecandy(at)gmail(dot)com
Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated
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