Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Before anything else I want to say sorry to those who have seen the 'hacked' message of Op-Israel. Err...this has been the 3rd time that my blog was hacked and getting it back online is such a big pain.

I just researched and did what I can do. In the positive side I am learning, but not enough reason to get more hacks in the future! I wonder what I can do to secure my website?

Okay so I'll stop blabbering now. Today I'll review my personal favorite- Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!

I already emptied my tube of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque even before I publish this, so imagine how long did it take for me to give a review? XD

This tube is big and it took me months to finish, I do not even apply this daily (...and don't! because it can dry out your skin!) The tube is perfect in dispensing the product, just the right amount every time. I apply this mask after a long tiring day, this mask simply makes me feel relaxed, the scent is like Double Mint chewing gum or toothpaste, so refreshing. I think it can even be your perfect summer buddy. I also use this as a spot treatment for pimples. I usually have occasional breakouts when my period is getting near or whenever I feel a bit lazy to remove my make-up (I know this is a big sin! OMY. Don't do this!)

Make sure that you wash your face before using the product. Spread it heavily and evenly to your face (or your neck too if you prefer) make sure that there is enough clay on every part of your face. You will feel that you are ready to wash off the mask when it's already dry. I always sneeze when I have this on because I can inhale it's powder form. LOL. My skin looks fresh and feels clean after washing the mask off. Sometimes I needed to double wash to fully remove every trace of mask on my face.

Okay so above is the ingredients of Queen Helene. Others are scared about methylparaben so I searched and found out that there is nothing to worry about:
"Advocates of organic and natural foods and cosmetics have expressed concerns over the use of parabens in consumer products for years, but there is little evidence to warrant it. While it is true that methylparaben is readily absorbed through the skin as well as in the intestinal tract, it is converted back into para-hydroxybenzoic acid and quickly excreted through urine. In fact, the only negative side effects that have been documented are contact dermatitis and skin sensitivity, both occurring with rare frequency and only in reaction to very high concentrations of test material." -Read more here

Did Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque stayed true to it's promise?

Helps dry up acne pimples
YES! Like what I've said I use this as spot treatment and it does help in minimizing my pimples after about 2-3 applications. I use this hand in hand with my bleaching cream which is also a drying agent for acne. Works like magic.

Rinse away blackheads
Yes and No. It does significantly lessen the appearance of blackheads but it's still there.

Shrink enlarged pores
Yes and No. I have enlarged pores as for your reference. I do notice that my pores seems less noticeable after washing out the product but after a while it gets back to normal.

Where to buy?
Healthy Options for about Php329 per 226.8g/ 8 oz. tube.

  • Cheap because there is so much product inside the tube!
  • Works like magic especially in being a spot treatment for pimples.
  • Refreshing and perfect for summer!

  • Nothing! :D

Will I repurchase?

Yes! I don't expect this mask to work on pores nor blackheads. For me, the product works the way that it should. I love, love, love this mask. This is the cheapest clay mask I've used so far and I have no complains or whatsoever.

When I first bought this mask I was so excited that I asked everybody at home (my family! XD) to try out the product too. To end this post, here is my pretty mom who says BOO! Teehee~ :))

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