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Review: Fashion 21 Two Way Cake

It was fine Sunday when we attended Mario Maurer's open fan meet in SM North Edsa. I was with my younger sister was my first time to reach the front of the stage, yess finally after coming to so much fan meetings haha. Baifern was super gorgeous and Mario as seen on tv is super good looking. Kyaa~ Crazy Little Thing Called Love is just plain awesome.

We dropped by my shopping haven after - SM department store to check out new stuffs when I remembered that I need a new powder foundation. Hooray~ I intend to buy 4u2 BB powder at first but comparing the two (Fashion 21 two way cake) which I both love to try I have decided to pick the latter. Well I am in a budget right now and I'll stretch my money as far as I can. Another reason for buying is the fact that Fashion 21 has more grams and cheaper than 4U2. Btw I opted to buy this in refill because I already have a unused Avon compact at home. It doesn't just saves money it also saves mother Earth, no more extra compacts to throw away. :)

Honestly this is my very first foundation. Well I do had Maybelline ones before but they seem to be offer very light coverage which make them seem more of being finishing powder rather than foundation. Do I make sense?

Fashion 21 Two Way Cake
Regular foundation that can be applied wet or dry.

Product Features
UV Protection
Oil Control
Mild on skin
Long lasting
Smooth and easy application
Can be applied wet or dry

There is absolutely a lot of promises. Teehee~ I am so excited to try it on because I do not really use foundations. Need I say more? :)

The scent:
The first thing I noticed with Fashion 21 way cake is the scent. It has a really strong scent which reminds me of Chin Chun Su. I know how other people despise this particular scent.

Foundation offers medium to full coverage. Sadly the color is too pale and does not compliment my skin tone. I have it in shade number one! The palest shade of all yikes. Shade #1 is a tad light on me, it's creamy but can still highlight dry patches. Luckily the foundation sets and blends with my skin tone after a while. It can get cakey if used too much on the under eye area.

My experience:
I get white cast on flash photography but it still looks nice. Yay~ pretty photos. It offers smooth finish and can quickly brighten up complexion. It also lessens the appearance of pores but doesn't totally diminish it. I still use in2it to cover up pores or my good ole pore minimizer sticks and essence.

This foundation has convinced me to try plain powder make-up. I have been using bb creams as make-up base for years but because of this foundation's coverage I tried using the powder alone. Now I can skip bb creams and cut my make-up time in half! Definitely a life-saver when I am running late for school. I have been using bb creams for years now at least I have an alternative when I am in a hurry, just sunblock, moisturizer and this foundie and I am off to go.

Sun protection and oil control is just okay. I don't want to look matte all day anyway. It looks better after a while. Somehow it becomes rather dewy than oily when it wears off. Effect does resemble mineral make-up's effect on me, kinda glowy which I like. I have only tried using this dry, wet application might result to too much foundation. Besides, I am already comfortable using this as is because coverage suffice on covering red blemishes, things are different in terms of dark spots because I still need concealer for those.

Fashion 21 Two Way foundation offers average staying power but I don't mind. Somehow it is powdery but it is cheap soooo~ :) I picked the lightest shade because I am afraid of oxidizing foundations, oh-well this one doesn't oxidize on me maybe because of the shade? It doesn't break me out! Powder does settle on pores when it starts to wear off but I just wipe it off and I am good. My main concern and fear before on foundations is the fact that it might oxidize and might break out. This foundation is such a winner on both aspects! Mehehe~

How much? P130 per 11 gram refill

What I love:
  • It's affordable
  • Product is readily available in Watsons/ SM beauty counters
  • Coverage is awesome
  • Looks so pretty on photos!
  • Doesn't oxidize
  •  Melts to a pretty finish
  • Brightens up complexion
  • Lessens the appearance of pores
  • Didn't gave me break outs

What I don't:
  • I think I got the wrong shade haha. (not the product's fault)
  • Can give you a 'foundation day' look when freshly applied
  • May highlight dry patches 
Will I buy again?
YEEEES!~ I am totally impressed with Fashion 21 Two Way Cake I might just need to repurchase a more accurate shade soon. Plus they offer other variants such as papaya, milk and tea tree. I would love to try those too. *excited*

Here are a few photos I want to share from last Hallyu Wave Festival event where I got nice comments on my look, yes I intend to look like a doll for at least a day. I have worn a dress I got from ebay and I made the flower hair pin myself! Yay~  Teehee I covered Park Minha of Nine Muses. :)

A friend who covers VIXX :)
Just me and the stairs haha.
We are Nine (Nine Muses) but this shot only features six of us trying to look like emotionless dolls

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  1. You look awesome chien in those pics...already envy you...saw your tips on 2 way cake...thanks for sharing...


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