Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chien's Holy Grail List of 2013

So because 2013 has just ended, I thought of compiling a list of my HG selections from the products I've used from last year.

Take note that some products is already reviewed while others are not. I will try to blog more despite this busy schedule of mine. I am so glad that most of the products I have added in my HG list are accessible and affordable.I am still slowly building my HG list, and I am still on the lookout for facial scrubs, moisturizer, lotion etc.

Okay before we take off, what is HG?

HG means Holy Grail -It pertains to any product that you will always come back to because you cannot find anything better. A product you will buy again and again. A product you will not let yourself run out of. 

On me: Fashion 21 two-way cake foundie (Shade #2), Etude House Fresh Cherry tint in Peach, Sparkle Lens in Black

Best powder foundation for any skin day! Yes it does not matter if it is a good or bad skin day, I just love this foundation. Shade 1 and 2 is lighter than my face but perfect as it makes you picture-ready, while shade 3 is good for oh-so-normal days of mine (school, OJT...) and shade 4 might my sister. She has a slightly darker skin tone than mine, but overall if I would look it, Fashion 21 doesn't really offer a dark shade. Their darkest shade can still be considered as natural.
  • LA Colors Mascara
No clumps, no fall outs and lengthens lashes. Need I say more?

  • Avon's Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment
Tames my frizz in an instant. Sometimes it can make my hair oily if I by any chance I applied more than what I need.

  • BL Cream
This is not a beauty product but hey! This is something worth repurchasing. It clears my occasional pimple breakouts and skin allergies. Not good for long term use because again, it is not really considered as a beauty product.
  • Kojie san Dream White Soap 
After  my misfortune with a whitening soap, Kojie san comes to the rescue. This soap does not just whiten but can also correct any dark spots left by skin allergies and bug bites.
Definitely my favorite body scrub because it does not just exfoliates, it can also whiten! I've proven this to work within just a week. This spells LOVE.
 I am never going back to plucking and shaving. Contrary to what out other sissies have tend to believe in, using cold wax to remove hair involves less pain (even pain free if you are used to it).
 The most affordable acne gel I came across with. Awesome breakout buddy, coz meeeen~ it works!
Cleans as it moisturizes skin. Hoping to try its facial scrub and moisturizer counterpart soon.

A local product that simply works. Squeaky clean face any time, every time. :)

I am still looking forward for more beauty products to try this 2014!~ (I am so AFNSGMHMHMW, excited!) Dear sissies, I hope you can also share your HG list with me! :)


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