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Review: Lolane Z-Cool Color Milk Y6 Pistachio Latte

New Year, New Look! I have gotten this hair dye from last year, it seems so long ago already! Lol. My blonde hair doesn't look as it was before, its yellowish and brassy. My black roots is also showing up so I think this is the best time to color my hair.

I have checked out different hair dye brands and I have seen Lolane Z-Cool which is new and currently on promo. They have cool shades not available with other brands which made me want to try them out. I chose Pistachio latte, but I want to try the pink sakura next time. I am looking into darkening my hair to remove the brassiness. My hair was bleached 3 times and colored twice with Palty milk tea brown. After a few months the pretty milk tea shade has faded and I was left with a brassy color.

Lolane Z-Cool Color Milk Y6 Pistachio
Romantic Garosugil
(Garosugil is a place in Gangnam Seoul South Korea with many shops and restaurants)
Amorous, dreamy & compassionate. She's a real princess!
Vibrant coloring by Lolane Z-Cool Color Milk Micro Crystal Technology and Vitamin C derivatives give better coloring effect to provide long lasting radiant and vibrant hair color as you desire. Hokkaido Milk Extract intensely moisturizes your hair as if treated with milk treatment.

Unique box I am actually recycling them because they look so cute. I like how they designed the box with pink and white ensemble. Its clearly made in Thailand because of the wordings but unlike japanese dyes, Lolane Z-Cool offers english translations printed on the box.

Opening the box you will get: Color dye, 9% developer, Intense Care Keratin Repair Mask and gloves.

This shade is like greenish blonde. I like how they called it Pistachio which makes you think of the type of green it will be and latte for the brown shade its mixed with. The name is really witty. I chose this because I don't like to get orangey/brassy shade again.

So off to the procedure, after mixing for 60 seconds, I've left the formula for a little while to get the mixture runny. The formula is actually a little thick than it should making it hard to spread on the hair but if you wait for a bit, then the mixture will be easier to spread. I doubted that my roots will change color because there is very slight change even after 30 minutes. Good thing the mixture doesn't smell so bad unlike the other hair dyes I've used before and I am glad it have free gloves because like any other DIY process, coloring can be messy.

Okay so this is the before and after photos you've all been waiting for, glad that we will see the effect on blonde and on black hair, lol. Below is the photo for the before coloring process. Look at the black roots.

Then after the coloring process, here it is. Sorry if I look unhappy here. Of course the top is not blondish because its not bleached but I really like the shade of brown that it is. Its just pure chocolate brown with no brassiness at all. The ends looks fine but feels a bit dry despite using the keratin treatment of Lolane. I guess its not moisturizing enough. I was honestly expecting a darker shade than this but when compared to the color on the box I guess it looks exactly as what they promised.

How much and where to buy?
P249.50 for 2 boxes when it was on sale in Trinoma Department Store. Regular price is P249.50 per box.

What I love
  • Color stays true to the box
  • Greenish shade is love <3
  • Complete with gloves and bottle applicator
  • No strong ammonia scent
  • No allergic reaction
  • Removed brassiness
  • Lifted color on my roots
  • Easy to be done by yourself (perfect for DIY pips like me)
  • Affordable
What I don't
  • Dry hair, no shine
  • Smell of ammonia left on my hair
  • Formula is a bit difficult to spread on hair
Will I repurchase?
Yes! Another shade from Lolane Z-Cool!

I really love the result of Lolane Z cool and my co workers like it too. Compared to the old yellow brassy strands of last year that is. It borders brown and blonde and kinda green in reality. Lolane Z-Cool Color offers a lot of fun shades you might want to try. Let us have better hair days this year nae? Aja!~

My hair after a month :)

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  1. Hi there.. Can i check for ur haor length, did u use one box or two box?


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