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Review: GOAL Skin Renewal Kit by BEAUTY LAB

I've been meaning to review this set for a while now because I've used it for almost a month as they have suggested. I bought and tried their GOAL Intense Rejuvenating Set as well (review coming up soon!) which is also only meant  to be used for 30 days. So I needed some maintenance skincare in between. I asked their Facebook page and they told me I can try GOAL Skin Renewal Kit which is said not to cause any peeling. 

What is it? 
GOAL Skin Renewal Kit by BEAUTY LAB says:
Your modern skincare routine. It is formulated to work on different kind of skin type to promote healthy glowing skin. At the end of your 28 days journey your skin GOAL will succeed! 😍

How to use?

Step 1. Use Goal cleansing bar soap to wash away impurities trapped in your pores leaving your skin clean, refreshed and glowing after every use. 

Step 2. Apply 3 drops on a cotton then gently pat to your face and neck. For the first week use exfoliating toner once a day every night only, for the succeeding weeks use exfoliating toner am/ pm . 

Step 3. Use goal daily sun protect in the morning 30 minutes before sun exposure. Apply to your face and neck in gentle circular motion. Re apply as needed. Night nourishing cream pampers your skin while you sleep. Use a pea sized amount and apply in a circular motion on your face and neck. . 

I can't find much information or further description about this set which is common for local brands. 

The set comes in an upright white box with their signature pink and white colors. The products come in plastic packaging with sticker labels. 

STEP1: Beautylab Cleansing Bar says: Make cleansing the pillar of your skin goal routine. Wash away all the impurities trapped in your pores with our deep cleansing bar. 
Ingredients: Coconut oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Glycerin, Vitamin B3, Kojic Acid,, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Fragrance, CI 15510

The soap doesn't smell like anything at all although it says it has fragrance but it's okay. It doesn't melt easily though I've cut it to small pieces to make it last longer on me. It lathers and cleanses well.  

STEP2: Beautylab Exfoliating Toner says: Our version of liquid gold. Exfoliation is a crucial step in this skin goal routine. Don't be afraid in peeling. Use our exfoliating toner to sweep away deqd skin cells to reveal your healthy glowing skin

I can't describe the scent of the toner but the main ingredient was alcohol. I don't recall experiencing sting but my skin after using it, it is like I have applied oil on my skin. Not exactly greasy but it felt like there is a thin film of moisture left on it (?) Unsure if I am making sense here.

STEP3 (AM): Beautylab Daily Sun Protect with SPF30 says: Never ever skip your daily sun protection. Protect your skin from harmful, damage-causing UV rays  that result sunspots, skin sagging, wrinkles and so on. 

There is no brightening or whitening effect and it only provides little moisture to my skin. The SPF 30 is quite high though and can be a good thing if you go out but I still do not recommend this while using any exfoliating products.

STEP3 (PM): Beautylab Night Nourishing Cream says: Our nourishing night cream has multi-benefit works on your skin while you sleep. Rejuvenate your skin layer for the healthy glowing GOAL. 

Unsure of the correct color of the cream but I got it in somewhat brownish shade. I am unsure if the cream already oxidized but it didn't smell good either. I really don't like it and I was surprised after smelling it at first. The consistency is kinda watery as well 

How much and where to buy?
P420 for this set I got from Shopee.

What I love
  • Nothing I can mention
What I don't
  • Made me breakout
  • Left dark spots all over :(
  • The scent of the products 
  • Didn't work as a simple maintenance set

Do not buy this set, haha.

Will I repurchase? 

It's good that I was able to use Beautylab's other Intense Rejuvenating Set which is a lot better than this one. So I wasn't really expecting much from this set when I first got it because it is only meant for maintenance. But I was wrong. This is like a whole new different set from the first one I've used. On my first week I was breaking out like crazy. My face was itchy too after the cream application. I endured using the set for more than 3 weeks, I didn't peel but have seen no improvement. I was left with acne and dark marks from what happened which saddens me. They shouldn't really have recommended this is as a maintenance set. Right now I can only use the soap but only as a body soap. 

Have you tried GOAL Skin Renewal Kit by Beauty Lab before? How was your experience?

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