Sunday, January 3, 2021

My Name is Chien Welcomes 2021!

This will be my first post for the year and instead of my usual review I've decided to do a welcome year post instead. How is everyone doing? 

The year 2020 is one hell of a ride for everyone. I know that it hasn't been easy and a lot has happened not just with the pandemic but also with the natural disaster that occurred in the Philippines. I want to stay positive that 2021 will be a better year for us. For today, I just want to share a bit of a rundown of what is happening in my life recently.

Crypto trading
Tried this a few days before New Year! There is a lot of things to learn and stuff. We lost a few dollars as well haha, which is pretty usual for newbies. If you are into this, I am willing to be coached! 😂

Total of 15 cats and counting...
Our cats kept on multiplying. We recently had 4 new kittens in the house. Then we also lost our favorite cat Luna on New year's day. Glad my brother found him the next day even when we thought we won't. God is good. 

Reading books!
Yes, I have forgotten about this for a while. I went back to reading. Life should be a continuous learning process. I'm trying to incorporate this into my daily routine although sometimes I get lazy.

Cleared my skin! (somehow)
Finally found my holy grail set of products. I will share this in a video review definitely. This has been the best state of my skin so far in my 28 years of life. Maybe because of better eating habits and because I don't go out much so I don't get too much pollution, but hey I am happy!

Got my Youtube channel monetized
It was a result of a year of hard work! I plan on doing a giveaway. I just haven't gotten around it yet but I will! 

Importance of Goals
This gets me motivated. I aim to have a more productive year on and offline. I want to be a real busy bee this year and I hope to stop procrastinating! I need to get more blog posts and video reviews up, I have a ton pending!

The hardships really made me more matured during this trying time. I've realized I've been too absorbed in making other people happy and important that I forget that I also matter. I was so lost when I was left alone at the start of the year. I have dedicated my life to someone who doesn't really value me. I strived to become someone better, I met a lot of people online too who've changed my views on life and gave me a few lessons on how I should handle situations. I've also learned the value of friends and family in my life. I also found my lost confidence and somehow managed to become a new person! Indeed, this is a new year for a new me!

Well, that is the rough summary of my year, let me know what changes have been with you or things you are looking forward this 2021!

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