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Monday, January 2, 2023

New Year, New Eyes with Executive Optical

Executive Optical Love your Eyes

Executive Optical Prescription Glasses

Executive Optical Glasses

So for the first day of the year I have decided to get a new prescription glasses. There are a lot of options and I've visited all of them - George Optical, Owndays, Vision Express but alas I have ended up on Executive Optical.

The Why:
The staff in Executive Optical is highly welcoming and so does their shop. It's bright and there are frames available to be tried on. I also like how there are available seats around so you can be seated while waiting for your turn.

When buying glasses it is recommended that you have 8 hours of sleep (and I do!) I'm glad I slept early on New Year. 

The free check-up is really good! The check is very thorough. They don't just check using their special devices, they also do it again using the manual method of trying out different kinds of the actual lenses. The optometrist is highly friendly as well and I got to ask a lot of questions about taking care of the eyes and such.

She said our eye grade can possibly be maintained when you reach 30 or 40. Then there are 2 ways to improve the eyesight. 1 is through lasik which not everyone is a candidate of then 2 is by using an overnight lens which you can wear while sleeping. The special lenses she mentioned is available in vision centers and might definitely be priced high but I want to actually look for it. 

My eye grade was 2.75 years ago and I wasn't able to have it checked for 2 years due to pandemic. It quickly jumped to 4.00 but I was allowed back then to just do 3.75. Now when I got checked, my new grade is 5.00! My optometrist said I can get a 4.75 grade contact lenses (a less .25 grade than my actual) because she said the lenses adhered to my eyes and there will be no distance to it unlike with glasses.

What did I get?
I've purchased an EO Eyewear frame (P2,599) with a multicoated/blue light lenses (+P900).

What I love
For the longest time, I didn't know they give out this cool boxes when purchasing EO Eyewear brand frames. I guess I have never bought the EO Eyewear frame in all of my years of getting frames here, lol. But it is cool. They even give out a free book.

This is your sign to get your new prescription glasses!

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